Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let Us All Take a Deeeeep Breath

The basement is no longer toe deep in water, and it has a guarantee, so if it happens tomorrow, I can call Roto Rooter, and they will come fix it again.
I'm still not sure if the couch, the entire couch that my cat peed on can be saved, but I've worked on it all day, and we'll see after it dries.
I talked to my realtor today, and was majorly proud of myself for not crying and/or screaming at her, but instead maintained an extremely professional facade, which if you weren't my stupid realtor, would know that was a very covert and large scale insult. I'm friendly, never so polite you can break icicles off my body. The contractor will start work in a few days, weather permitting, so they can have their stupid closing date by the end of January. If God loves me at all, he will dump loads of snow on Peoria, so that the roof and gutters can't get done, which means we won't be able to close until at least February, and my buyers will loose their interest rate, which is only good until the end of this month. I used the same cool professional attitude with the phone call to my renter/buyers. I'm no longer their friend. I am their landlady, and if they don't realize what a humongous loss that is, then rest assured that I have already realized that I don't need people that stupid in my life.
I found a cleaners that can do leather, because the couch was not the only casualty in the cat peeing fiasco, and it's not going to cost an arm and a leg like I thought.
I probably finally found babysitters for this Saturday, so I can be there when my brother-in-law receives his endowments, (Mormon thing, for you friends out there that are bewildered as to what that means), but my kids can still do the fun things (like a birthday party) that they wanted to do. I think that at this point I really really really really need to go to the Temple.
I am done for the day. DONE. Where's my hot tub....?
The Almighty Liz


Renae said...

Oooh I HATE peeing cats! Nothing worse. I love cats, but the peeing is a deal breaker.

lizS said...

yeah, she's getting really ridiculous with it. i think i'm gonna take her to the vet to see if something can be done. i'm just getting tired of cleaning it up all the time. well, actually, she goes in cycles where she pees all the time, and then she doesn't for awhile. i can't find a pattern! gah!

timpani76 said...

Hmmm, I wonder if the realtor should talk to John more instead of you? Seems like she could use a dose of John's scary voice to keep her in line ;)

In good news, hopefully you will not have to deal with either her or your tenants ever again in a short while. Something to look forward to!