Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ew. Snow.

Don't get me wrong, it's pretty and everything, and the kids love it, and I love watching them have fun in it, but when you get right down to it snow is just cold and wet. No getting around it. Those are definitely two things I do not cope well with. Thank goodness I invested in some good snow boots last year because we got maybe a foot yesterday, and regular shoes, or even substandard boots were just not gonna cut it, especially considering the few inches of ice under the snow. Ick.

But like I said, the kids are having a blast playing in it, and John is perfectly willing to be the man and go play with them, leaving me to be the mommy who stays inside where it's warm and serves hot cocoa when everyone comes in. It's a role I do well.

Jonni didn't have school for Tuesday or Wednesday, and you won't believe it, but she was mad. She really likes school, and hates it when she can't go, so she was particularly surly and difficult the past couple of days. Add in a brother who has learned to push big sister's buttons, and who decided to take it upon himself to make her as angry as he could possibly manage, and I was hugely relieved that school was back on today. Even with the factor that I had to get up early. Yes, even with that I am super happy to get that girl out of the house, lol!

In other news, my poor Erik is sick, of the intestinal kind. I have gone through more diapers since yesterday than I have in the past month. I kid you not. I had to ask a friend to go on an emergency run for more, because I was about to run out! Poor, poor Erik. He's not having much fun with this. Neither am I, come to think of it. I'm a little sick as well, which is why you won't see me on SVELTE for a bit. Just a fever, and no other symptoms, so maybe this one won't last long. I will be so very, very glad when flu season is over. It is seriously interrupting my recovery processes.

Other than that, life goes on pretty much as normal. We have not heard anything about the Peoria house (for those of you who don't know, we are sporting two mortgages since we moved, and we have an interested party for the first time in eight months who is trying to get approved for a loan so they can bid on said house. Prayers would be appreciated!), but we might be getting rid of our faulty car next week. If we get rid of the house, needless to say, getting a new car will be a cakewalk. Here's hoping today is the day we get some great news!! If we don't get any great news, then I will just settle for having an almost perfect life. ;)

The Almighty Liz

P.S. For your viewing pleasure, I have included some pics of the snow. Also, a picture of Jonni in her brand-new glasses. Enjoy!

I just think this little snow covered plant is funny for some reason. He just looks so pathetic out there all by himself!

Here's one of our cars almost covered up. John dug it out yesterday to go to the store. Yay that I didn't have to!

Our backyard, or part of it anyway. Our fence is like almost half as tall as it should be.

Here's my cutie. The glasses are hot pink, but it's hard to tell with the red shirt. And yes, we got her a granny chain to keep them from falling off. After the last fiasco, of having them for four days and then losing them on the playground, only to find them again but smashed, I deemed the chain necessary. I let her pick it out though!

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Awesome Daughter

Well, I just got back from dropping off a new winter coat for a little boy in Jonni's class who doesn't have one. I'm not tooting my own horn here, I'm tooting one for Jonni, the best little girl ever.
It started last week when Jonni came home from school. She told me about a little boy in her class who was wearing pink gloves. "He's a boy, mommy!", she laughed. "And he's wearing pink gloves, isn't that funny?!" I sat her down to explain that they were probably all that little boy had to wear in the blistering cold we were getting, and she really shouldn't laugh because it would make him feel horrible. She got really quiet and thoughtful and didn't say anything else about it for the rest of the day.
The next day she came home and said "[That little boy] doesn't have a coat mommy. I think we should get him one. He says he wants a really warm coat with Spiderman on it. We can use my piggy bank money." Jonni has about three dollars in her piggy bank that she has been saving forever. I bawled, and said I would talk to her daddy about it, and see what we could do.
John and I were unanimous in our agreement that this kind of generosity should be supported. We both believe that welfare would be unnecessary if only we all would take care of our brothers and sisters. I contacted her teacher to make sure there was a need, and Jonni was right; the little boy was wearing an older sister's coat when he couldn't sneak out of the house without it. Otherwise he wore nothing.
Jonni and I went that same night, last night, and picked him out a warm coat. They didn't have any with Spiderman on them, so we got one in Spiderman's colors. We got him some black "boy" mittens and a bright red hat for good measure.
When I dropped the stuff off at the office, so we could all remain anonymous, the whole staff was in on it. Jonni's teacher couldn't help bragging to her co-workers about the stellar little girl in her class. Jonni is a hero to the teachers and staff in her school. What a wonderful thing to be a hero for.
So here's to my Jonni, the hero to one little boy, her school, and most definitely, the parents who love her and are honored and blessed to serve her in that capacity.
The Almighty (and for once completely humbled) Liz
**Update** The little boy adores his new coat, his teacher tells me, and Jonni (who didn't say anything to the boy, but she's his friend so he talks to her) says he can't wait to tell his mom and dad all about how he got a new coat at school today! Wonderful stuff.

Monday, January 5, 2009

In a Flash...

I just wanted to jump on here real quick to let everyone know I'm not dead, although that prospect is looking more and more appealing as time goes on. Also, I have much to post about, Christmas, visits with old friends, New Year's....but I also have bronchitis, which I've never had before, and which is turning out to be No Fun at All, so I will have to post all those goodies when I'm feeling a little more human, and a little less like I exist only to cough. (I now understand how Renae cracked her rib last year) On the up side, all the hacking is seriously good for my abs. Really. I don't think they've been this toned since before I had babies, and I think I've lost some inches even.
Hey, there has to be an upside right? I can't be going through all this suffering for no reward, that would just be Sick and Wrong.
The Ill but Still Nonetheless Almighty Liz