Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fun Christmas Video

Okay, my mom sent me this youtube video, and it's worth a watch. I thought that it got better the second and even third times through. The top video, not the bottom. I don't know why it stuck two up there, but it did, and I can't get rid of the Unwanted One. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Okie Dokie people, fasten your seat belts whilst I run through the past six or eight weeks that I've been offline, and get you caught up in my world:
As you all know, the day after Halloween, the modem for our computer kicked the bucket. We tried to resuscitate to no avail. So, as money has been tight, we could not right away replace it. I will say that this has been extremely hard on the almighty Liz, because my computer is my link to the outside world. I have no TV (well, we have one, but only for movies because we decided we just didn't need all the nasty goo that is on television today), and I abhor the phone because I am going deaf and so cannot hear much of what people are trying to convey to me over the wires. It has been very hard indeed to go without my Internet for so very long.
I will endeavor to put this horrible experience behind me, and learn my lessons. I will never take my modem for granted again. I will always treat it as the precious object it is.
And so, to catch you up:
Halloween was a lot of fun. Jonni was a butterfly, and Erik was a monkey. Erik hated his costume, until he realized that he was a monkey, and then he loved it. He now requests "being a monkey" on a regular basis. Jonni of course loved being a pink butterfly. She is such a girl! (not a bad thing, just different from me in almost all aspects) We went trick or treating with some friends in the best neighborhood I think I've ever been in. We still have candy, does that tell you anything?
Next we hit November with a vengeance. We all got sick as I recall. Or was it just me? Just kidding, yeah, just me. Puked for a couple of days and then I was fine. John's Grandfather got seriously ill around this time, and so we said goodbye to him on December 2nd. The funeral was awesome, John tells me. Erik and I had to miss it as we were sick. We went home for Thanksgiving and came back sick. We almost always come back sick when we visit home. John and Jonni were over it by that point, so they went, and had, even for a funeral, a blast. John loved seeing all his aunts and uncles and family.
Thanksgiving was the usual treadmill for us. Our families live very close, so we had one big dinner, ran to the next house a couple of hours later and had another one. I think I gained about eight pounds that weekend, I'm not kidding.
Erik also turned two in the month of November. He is doing very well, his doctor tells me. Very healthy, very smart little boy.
Jonni birthday is also coming up in February, and she has been talking about the party she wants to have for about four months now. She will be five. I'll be sure to post all about that when the time comes.
I think that concludes the debriefing for now. The kids, of course, have done all kinds of cute things that would have made excellent posts that I have now forgotten. Thank goodness I'm back! Now you will all no longer be deprived of these special (and often comical) moments. Until then (probably tomorrow!!), adieu.
Lots and lots of love to everyone,
the great and effusively talented,

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tragedy Has Befallen

Well boys and girls, I'm sure you've noticed that I ran strong for about a week with the blog, and then poof! I was gone. That is because I am not currently online. My modem decided to bugger out on me. So, check in periodically (because I occasionally have access to a computer, like now I am at my mother's for thanksgiving and I am using her's), and Eventually we will have a new modem, whereas I will continue to blog with the frenzy I first displayed. I know it will be hard for you all, to have that first taste, and then not be able to get your Liz fix as often, but endure and all will be well. I hope you all had a happy Thankgiving, remembered what Thanksgiving is all about, (at least briefly) and enjoyed your families!!
Signing out for now, (but not forever)
The almighty Liz

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wishing you all a....

Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Liz's Favorite Things...or one of them.

So, one of my very favorite things on the planet is to watch my husband read to my children. The kids love it, John loves it, and I love to watch. Everyone is happy. The almost unvarying ritual every night at bedtime is that the kids each get a story before we throw them in bed and tie them there. (not really tie them, we only tie Jonni; she's the only one who has a problem with bedtime, Erik could care less) I snapped a few pics of John and Erik last night because I thought they were being hilarious. Pay particular attention to Erik's face because I don't think he changes expression once:

John we reading Fox in Socks by Dr. Suess, and he was really going to town. Giving it his all. I was unable to capture some of the funnier expressions he was exhibiting, but Erik, I think, was the one to watch. I don't know if he's just so used to his Daddy that nothing fazes him anymore, or if he was concentrating so hard on the book he just didn't notice John's antics. I about split a gut watching the two of them though. Ahhh, it's the little things in life that give true joy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

My first Post!

That's right ladies and gentlemen! The moment you have all been waiting for! I finally created my own Blog!! I'll give you a moment to wipe the tears of joy from your eyes. Blow your nose. There, ready? Here we go!
So, current events in the World of Liz. The biggest, and catalyst of this creation, is that this branch of my large and illustrious Clan finally made a modern day purchase. A camera! It was a long hard slog, but it has finally happened. So, at this juncture I will introduce you to my lovely perfect children. The first is Jonni:Jonni (pronounced Johnny) is four. Just to tell you about her a little bit, I will share my very favorite Jonni quote. Some of you already know it, but for the rest, it's well worth the read:
We were sitting at lunch, ordinary day, ordinary lunch. Jonni turns to me and says; "Mommy, if the door is so small, that only tiny frogs can get through, you can wear your sticky gloves and climb to the bigger door." What the heck do you say to that, really? I asked, "Where did that come from?" Wherein my adorable especially smart little girl replies, "It's just logical mommy." That is Jonni in a nutshell.
The next, and so far last, child is Erik. Erik is two in November, and is, in a word, hilarious. He doesn't try to be funny, he just is. He has kept me laughing since day one. And except for intelligence, he is about as opposite from his sister as two people can be. They endlessly facinate me.
Well folks, I know you are all wanting to rush to your calenders and journals to mark and record this historic and memorable event. I need to sign off; it sounds like world war III in my living room, which means one or both of my children need rescuing. Or perhaps the cat. Ta!