Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Pleasures

My son is sitting in the next room singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" as loud as he can.
It's fall, and that's the season my husband and I started dating. He always says, "Every fall, I fall in love with you all over again." It will be eleven years since that time on October 11th, and I still love it.
We were not only ready in time for the bus this morning, we had time to spare because my husband fed the kids breakfast, and let me sleep in an extra ten minutes.
My husband says I can go grocery shopping tonight without the children.
There is an excellent piece of banana cream pie waiting for me to eat tonight after my children are in bed.
Seriously, it's the little things in life that bring true happiness, don't you think?
The Almighty Liz

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soliciting Advice

So, I'm trying to potty train my 2 year old. He will be 3 at the end of November. He is not really interested. I bought some pull-ups (to make things easier on me), and he actually cried when I put the first one on. He's doing a little better about it now, but really, I'm not sure how to proceed. Any suggestions from all you old hat mom's who know what you're doing? This is only my second attempt, and my first with a boy. Everyone told me boys would be easier, but so far that is not panning out so much. I'm not completely at my wits' end yet, but this is so much different than Jonni, my girl, that I just don't know how to start really! Anyway, lots of comments people! I need a plan!
The Almighty Liz
P.S. The car is still running just fine.
And we are almost all well. John and Erik are sickest. When does THAT happen? Never.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hooray! A New Post!

So, maybe I overdid things a little in my life, and I got sick. For over a week. Live and learn, right? This is what I did to overdo:
I worked out on Saturday a week ago. A real good one too. Lifting, and the exercise bike. Then we had some friends over for a birthday. That was loads of fun. I went errand running with the wife of the family (Timpani) which including mundane things like groceries, and fun things like finding a present for my dad, whose birthday party we were attending the next day. That took three hours, and then we went back home and had dinner, and then banished the kids downstairs to watch a movie, and indulged in birthday cheesecake. (**side note** our little mom and pop grocery store is just around the corner from us, and they make the best pies and cheesecake ever. We are going to get sooooo fat) We rounded the evening off by cleaning up the vomit of our friends' little girl. Our house did not agree with her, apparently. We'll have to try again soon though. You never know, she might have outgrown her allergy by then.

I woke up Sunday feeling just a bit low, but I figured, hey, I've been doing so well, I'm not going to worry about it. We went to my dad's B-day party, and had a good time. I ended up making him a shirt, sort of. I couldn't come up with any really good ideas, so Timpani and I sort of just wandered around every store in town for awhile, waiting for inspiration to hit. I found a little owl patch. (my dad collects owls because of a boyscout thing called Woodbadge, or something like that. The owl was his group's totem animal) I thought, hmmm, I could sew this to something, and that would make an okay present. So I began looking at things, and since my dad also loves to barbeque, I thought an apron would be good. Those are way pricey, so then I thought a nice polo shirt would also work well, so that's what I went with. I chose navy blue because it looks good on my dad, and he doesn't have a whole lot of that color in his wardrobe. It turns out blue is his Woodbadge group's color too, so that worked out super great! He liked the shirt, and I forced him to put it on so I could take a picture. He hates having his pic taken with a fierce and undying passion, so this proves he really does love me. We had a good time at the party, and came home a little late, but not too bad.

I woke up on Monday feeling atrocious. Sore throat, cough, horribly congested...I was miserable. No fever though, so that was super good. That usually means it's not a Rheumatic Fever relapse. I just felt like a three day old corpse for all of last week. Erik got it for a day, and John came down with it yesterday, but I am definitely on the mend. Instead of a corpse, now I only feel like a wrung out dishrag. Definitely an improvement. Oh, and Jonni has an ear infection. Didn't burst her eardrum this time, so thank all that is holy for small miracles.

Whilst we were at my parents' for the party, I had my brother in law snap a couple of family pictures of our little branch for a school assignment of Jonni's. I thought they turned really stinkin' good, and I'm gonna send it to Wally world and get a bigger print and frame it and stick it on my wall. I put the best shot in this post so you all can see. It took him about five minutes with my little point and shoot camera. He really has some talent in this area don't you think?
So, all in all, that was my last week and half. Oh, and the car is still running just fine. *sigh*
The Almighty Liz
Our super good family picture. Don't we all look great? That's a no make-up shot for me too.
Here's my dad, isn't he adorable? He was such a good sport to let me snap this shot, and he even looks happy! (he's so not though. About the picture I mean)

Friday, September 5, 2008


This is my new swear word. When I stub my toe, I'm going to shout "mechanics!" When a car cuts me off in traffic endangering not only myself, but my children, I'm going to curse them with "mechanics!" When my children are driving me to distraction, I'm going scream "mechanics, mechanics, MECHANICS!"
You all know of course, if you've been reading faithfully, that our car broke. I dutifully called around to all the ward members in my immediate area, and found a couple of good candidates to fix it. One was about 15 minutes away, and couldn't get around to the car for two, maybe three days. The other was 5 minutes down the road, and could, they said, fit us in, and have the problem diagnosed by the end of the day. We have a winner, I thought. So, when John came home for lunch, we ran the car up to their place, and dropped it off. We'll call you in a couple of hours and tell you what's wrong. Sweet, I said, and went back home. That was quarter after noon.
By four thirty, we had heard nothing. I called them. They still hadn't got to it, they would call us in a few minutes. They never called back that night.
I called the next morning. The receptionist didn't know, and the mechanic was out. She would call in a few minutes and let me know. That was 9 am. I called at 1:30, and she said she still didn't know, she'd call back in a few minutes. (are you seeing a pattern here?) I called back at five, and was put on hold for 10 minutes. She finally came back on like she was answering the phone. She had forgotten I was there. Oh yes, she said, just one moment and I'll ask the mechanic. To her credit, she didn't forget me a second time. She came back and said that they had driven it, but it wasn't acting up for them, could they keep it a third day? Why not? I thought. It's not like I'm going to have THEM fix it, I might as well get it diagnosed.
The next day, I called, and was told that the mechanic was running errands, she would call me back in (you guessed it) a few minutes. 9 am again. I called them at four thirty, and she said they couldn't find anything wrong with it, and I could come pick it up anytime, they closed at six. Three days ladies and gentlemen, to find out that they couldn't find the problem. At least they didn't charge me, but I will assuredly be using the other candidate soon to actually find out, I hope, what's wrong with my car.
The Almighty Liz

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun Labor Day, With One, Maybe Two, Thorns

Well, we had a great weekend for the most part. We went to a ward picnic/party on Friday night, and guess what? Everyone is nice. I still just can't get over how everyone walks up and says hi, and introduces themselves, and seems genuinely happy to have you there. It's so cool.
Saturday was just a lazy day. We got some stuff around the house done, and went to the pool, and when we got home, Jonni was running a monster fever, (and this is Jonni, not Erik. Jonni never gets sick) So we ate dinner quickly, and gave her some medicine, and sent her to bed. She didn't even complain. It was way spooky.
She was fine on Sunday though, but we stayed home from church just in case. (or, everyone else did. I haven't made it to church yet) We had another lazy day. We went for a walk, met a really nice neighbor. That was about it.
John's folks and a brother and sister came over Monday, Labor day, and we headed out to Fisher Cavern, which is one cave down from Meremac (sp?) Caverns. The tour of the cave was an hour and a half, so I was going to sit it out while everyone else went, but we were going to have a picnic and it was going to be a great day. We were almost to the cave when we started having car trouble. Yes, our car is broken. We still had a fun picnic, everyone still did the cave, (although John sat it out with me so I wouldn't be lonely, what a guy), and it was still a good day. We did get the car home, thank all that is holy, so we didn't have to tow it. It's in the shop now, and we're waiting to hear what's wrong with it. We have two payments left on it, and this is the first really serious problem we've ever had with it, so that's really good. However, the next car I get is going to be one that lasts beyond getting paid off. In the meantime, I'm home bound. I hate being home bound. For most of my life, I've thought of myself as a homebody. But ya know what? After not having a car for over three years, and not being able to go anywhere with one and then two kids, I've found that I loathe not having the freedom to go places. And I like going places. Fear not! I will fix this. I AM the Almighty Liz.
When we got home, John's other sister and her family were there. They decided to stop by on a whim, and we all had a blast! It was great fun having everyone here to play.
Jonni got some glasses a week ago. There is a horribly long, irritating, enraged story that goes behind the stupidity that was acquiring these glasses that I'm not going to go into here, just rest assured it was beyond painful. She had them four, count 'em four days, and she lost them on the playground at school. Didn't even realize they were gone till she got off the bus at home. I called the office, and they had found them, but, they said, they're "a little bent". Hmmmm, I thought to myself, well, a little bent is workable. We got them back yesterday, and yeah. Not a little bent, but completely, irreparably bent. And the lenses are cracked and scratched up. So, new glasses for Jonni. ARGH!
Other than that though, we had a good Labor Day weekend.
The Almighty Liz