Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun Labor Day, With One, Maybe Two, Thorns

Well, we had a great weekend for the most part. We went to a ward picnic/party on Friday night, and guess what? Everyone is nice. I still just can't get over how everyone walks up and says hi, and introduces themselves, and seems genuinely happy to have you there. It's so cool.
Saturday was just a lazy day. We got some stuff around the house done, and went to the pool, and when we got home, Jonni was running a monster fever, (and this is Jonni, not Erik. Jonni never gets sick) So we ate dinner quickly, and gave her some medicine, and sent her to bed. She didn't even complain. It was way spooky.
She was fine on Sunday though, but we stayed home from church just in case. (or, everyone else did. I haven't made it to church yet) We had another lazy day. We went for a walk, met a really nice neighbor. That was about it.
John's folks and a brother and sister came over Monday, Labor day, and we headed out to Fisher Cavern, which is one cave down from Meremac (sp?) Caverns. The tour of the cave was an hour and a half, so I was going to sit it out while everyone else went, but we were going to have a picnic and it was going to be a great day. We were almost to the cave when we started having car trouble. Yes, our car is broken. We still had a fun picnic, everyone still did the cave, (although John sat it out with me so I wouldn't be lonely, what a guy), and it was still a good day. We did get the car home, thank all that is holy, so we didn't have to tow it. It's in the shop now, and we're waiting to hear what's wrong with it. We have two payments left on it, and this is the first really serious problem we've ever had with it, so that's really good. However, the next car I get is going to be one that lasts beyond getting paid off. In the meantime, I'm home bound. I hate being home bound. For most of my life, I've thought of myself as a homebody. But ya know what? After not having a car for over three years, and not being able to go anywhere with one and then two kids, I've found that I loathe not having the freedom to go places. And I like going places. Fear not! I will fix this. I AM the Almighty Liz.
When we got home, John's other sister and her family were there. They decided to stop by on a whim, and we all had a blast! It was great fun having everyone here to play.
Jonni got some glasses a week ago. There is a horribly long, irritating, enraged story that goes behind the stupidity that was acquiring these glasses that I'm not going to go into here, just rest assured it was beyond painful. She had them four, count 'em four days, and she lost them on the playground at school. Didn't even realize they were gone till she got off the bus at home. I called the office, and they had found them, but, they said, they're "a little bent". Hmmmm, I thought to myself, well, a little bent is workable. We got them back yesterday, and yeah. Not a little bent, but completely, irreparably bent. And the lenses are cracked and scratched up. So, new glasses for Jonni. ARGH!
Other than that though, we had a good Labor Day weekend.
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Oh, Jonni needs glasses? Your life will never be peaceful again. Poor you! I would get at least 3 pairs this time, if I were you.

Eyepoke said...

not a bad idea, multiple pairs. if we can afford it, i'll totally go that route.

Dana Cheryl said...

Does she love 'em or hate 'em?

Ya know I've noticed that some wards are just incredibly friendly while others are a great big exclusive group.

I'm glad you're in a friendly ward. It makes our tied-to-church lives so much easier!

lizS said...

she likes the glasses okay. helps that she got to pick them out, and they're pink. and yeah, having a ward that cares if i'm there or not is a major plus to this place, as well and a huge relief to me personally.

Dana Cheryl said...

It's great that she likes them. Ya know some kids will hide 'em, toss 'em, put 'em on train tracks... lol!

I tell ya I've been in wards that weren't friendly or welcoming. It's hard to get up and face three hours of feeling like the "smelly kid" at school. :)

Yay to good wards!

Everyone Admires Mary said...

LIZ! You didn't tell me about the glasses! ACK! When I got my first pair of glasses in 3rd grade they HIGHLY recommended to my parents that they buy me 2 pair, and it was a good thing that they did because one pair did indeed get stepped on when I left them on the sidelines of a dodgeball game, since I forgot to leave them in class. (I know they'd have been better on my face, but I was 8 or 9 - too dumb to get it.)