Monday, June 30, 2008


There is much going on today, this greatest of all days. Much to blog about, but the first and most important of all things in the universe is this:


That's right people, it's my birthday today. Feel free to wish me goodness and loves today, and I'm excepting all major gifts and credit cards.
We did a bit of preliminary celebrating on Saturday, after my side of the family's reunion, which was surprisingly fun. After the reunion, we had cake and presents with my family, and then a group of us went out to eat at my favorite place, and then we went bowling. The evening was a smashing success, (what else would you expect with me in charge of the festivities?) and I would just like to give a shout of thanks to all who came. I haven't laughed so hard for an entire evening in way too long. Thanks guys! You're all the best friends a girl could ask for.

Also of note today, my sister-in-law is in the hospital (as far as I know, I haven't talked to her since Saturday, but she was supposed to go in last night) having a baby! So let's all keep her in our thoughts today, and pray for an easy delivery with no complications. I will of course be posting all the details as I get them.

My very best friend in the world (excepting of course my gorgeous, talented husband) has caved and joined the blogosphere!!! Everyone must go see her at because, as you would expect of someone I associate with, she's hysterically witty, beautiful, and she's my friend. Do you need any more reasons? I didn't think so. I will also be putting a link to the right there under my hubby's link to make navigating to her page a breeze. Your welcome.

It is also a recently made and getting to be a really good friend's birthday today as well. So here's a little holla out to Ben. Happy Birthday! (you and I know only the best and the brightest were born today!)

So, everyone have a good day today. Since it is my birthday, I do believe it is impossible not to. Everything just seems a little brighter today doesn't it?
The Almighty Liz

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stupid People, Family Dirt, and Setbacks

Well, I'm discombobulated, so I thought I'd blog about it to get it off my chest.
So we have a Situation in my family I won't go into, (not wanting my dirty laundry hangin' out there for the entire cyber world to see) but it unravels to I have certain members of my family I don't talk to. Recently, they have decided to "bury the hatchet". Translation: they want to me admit that they were right all along, and deface myself and beg for their mercy, while submitting myself to whatever they decide to dish out. It turns out that my own personal little family has moved into the same ward as some of their extended family. I have been "warned" not to say anything bad about them to this extended family, and they have told these people that they won't talk bad about me either. (*note* doesn't telling someone you won't talk bad about someone else translate into talking bad about them?) Have I ever done anything to anyone at any time in my life to warrant be treated like I'm going to what? Go postal on a perfect stranger because they happened to be related to someone I don't care for? The correct answer to that folks is no.
My husband recently posted a very funny post on his blog labeled "Serious Jokes" or something like that. If you haven't seen it yet, I have his link on my blog to the right there, go see it, it's hilarious. John thought it was funny enough to spam some people in his address book in his email about it. One person in particular got mortally offended, to the point where she told John to never contact her again. I mean, seriously? The things she got upset over were things that I also have every right to be upset over, but she accused my husband of not having any personal experience with these things, and being "nasty". Again, seriously? For the record, I'm not upset. I found some of these jokes funnier than others, but as far as being offended, I mean, sheesh, why? So don't laugh at the unfunny ones. Duh.
I had to go to the doctor again yesterday, and I'm to stay off my feet for a few days. Basically not ovulating, loosing a lot of blood, ect ect packed on top of all the other crap, and you have a great recipe for Fainting Liz Casserole. I'm starting to get irritated at my continuing illness. I think I've had a pretty good attitude thus far, but I'm starting to feel frayed at the edges. It's probably just all the other crap in the past few days plus this latest physical setback. No fears people, this can be beaten, and I WILL destroy and PREVAIL, I'm just a little annoyed right now.
On the bright side, my birthday is in six days. That's right, mark your calenders, it's the thirtieth of June. A red letter day, to be sure. We are having some festivities this Saturday, and to be sure, I will post about it. I'm looking forward to being footloose and fancy free this weekend! Now, what to do with those darn kids....? Just joking, they're not darn kids, they're cute.
At any rate, thanks for listening to my venting. I feel much better. Cheers!
The Almighty Liz

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Next Subject

Well, my last post, about a cute and funny thing my daughter said, degenerated into an argument about who owns a women's unmentionables. I won't even theorize who's fault it was, but I thought a fresh topic was in order. (mainly to spare my sister-in-law who I know is lurking and who's face is turning redder with every new comment)
So, my week so far; I'm sick. Again. Not as bad this time, but all the same enormously frustrating. We took a trip to the doctor today, who is running more tests, and might put me on more antibiotics (in addition to not instead of the ones I'm already taking. I'm starting to feel like I should be glowing in the dark or something) depending on what the tests reveal. Ugh.
Other than that though, life is absolutely grand. I just cannot convey how awesome it is to be living where we are. Close (but not too close!) to family, in a great neighborhood, in a great house! My dear old friend from last week came over again yesterday to keep me company, and we had another wonderful visit.
Now, if I could just get all the way well....
The Almighty Liz

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Quote from Jonni

Here's the latest from my daughter to brighten your day:

"You can pick your nose, but you can't pick your ears."
Your welcome.
The Almighty Liz

Thursday, June 12, 2008

One Bad Day and a Couple of Killer Good Ones

So Monday blew. I'm not going to go into details, but have you ever had one of those days where just nothing goes right? Like everywhere you turn, you run up against a brick wall, from making dinner to finding pants. That was my Monday. By the end of the day, I was an emotionally wrung out rag. I was ready to go be a hermit.
Then comes Tuesday, which was way better. I had a very old friend that I hadn't seen since like Junior year in high school come to visit me. Much to our mutual delight, we still get along great! An hour or two visit turned into the whole day without either one of us really realizing it. So much fun! And during that time, when John came home for lunch, he found a turtle. Anyone who's watched their kids explore a turtle for the first time knows what I'm so happy about. This turtle was remarkably brave as well, so he didn't just clam up in his shell either. He tried to run away! It was hilarious to watch the kids "chase" a turtle! To wrap the day up, we tried out the local public pool. John was very reluctant. I eventually talked him into it, and did we ever have a blast! It's just your basic pool, no kiddie pool or frills, but the shallow end is only three feet, so Jonni can touch, so we didn't have to worry about her so much. That was also her first experience being in a pool where she could stand up with no help. She loved it! Erik was of course fearless. He usually is. It was his idea, almost from the very first, to jump off the edge. We had to watch him pretty close so he didn't jump before we were ready to catch him!! He's also a natural when it comes to swimming. I don't think it will be long before he can swim by himself. Scary! Jonni is a bit more cautious, but still had a great time in the water. ( and I think it's good she's cautious, it will make it easier to keep an eye on her) We had so much fun that we are going back tonight, and we are getting a season pass. They have adult lap swim twice a week too, so that works out great for my fitness prescriptions.
Yesterday, since my grandparents were in town for the week, I drove the kids down to hang out with them. Serendipitously, another old friend decided to stop by my sister's while I was there on her way to the airport with her family. So I got to see her and her little girl and her husband, which was awesome, and meet her new son for the first time! So much fun. We went to a park where there are animals to pet and feed, and ducks and SWANS! I've never seen a swan up close, and they are cool! They had babies with them too, and yeah. They really are ugly. We finished up the day with a little Dairy Queen treat, and came home very late, very tired, but very, very happy.
I also had a fun experience by myself yesterday. I had to pick up some forms while I was in my hometown necessary to register Jonni for kindergarten. (side note; can you BELIEVE all the crap they want just to get your kid into PUBLIC school kindergarten? What with moving and such recently, I had absolutely no idea where any of this stuff was, so I had to go get copies of everything. What an absolute pain.) I dropped the kids off at my mom's and ran to do that little errand. It took less than an hour, but I rediscovered something I haven't done in I can't remember when; driving by myself. I always have somebody in the car with me, the kids, the husband, a friend or whoever. This was a completely unexpected pleasure, to drive solo. I could listen to my heavy metal cranked as loud as I could stand it (which is loud because I am deaf), I didn't have children firing questions at me or fighting or complaining, a husband complaining of my song choice, and/or making fun of the song, or the considerations of a friend to be aware of. It was fabulous! What bliss! I highly recommend it to my mommy friends. Just leave the kids with the husband, and go for a little drive to nowhere in particular all by yourself. Heaven!
I'm so happy that the week didn't turn out (so far anyway, but now I'm ridiculously optimistic to the point where it won't matter if it bad things happen anyway) as stinky as it started out. It's amazing what a good old friend or two, a little sun and water, and some fresh air will do for your outlook on life! Cheers!
The Almighty Liz

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Little Story on My Son

So, we went to my in-laws yesterday for Sunday afternoon. All of John's brothers and sisters were there too, so that includes Jonni and Erik's cousins too. Jonni and Erik LOVE their cousins. Erik has a cousin that is just a couple of months younger than him, Justice. These two are a volatile mix. The adults were upstairs in the living room, and we had unfortunately lost track of the Dangerous Duo. When we finally thought to go looking for them they had struck again! Grandma has a room downstairs where she paints and draws and suchlike, and hangs her work on the walls. The boys had pulled down several of the pictures, and wreaked merry havoc with them. Well, John and his mom went down to sort out the mess, and gave the little boys much deserved tongue lashings. When they were finished, my son proceeded to pull down another picture and throw it will all his might across the room. John said something like "Erik! You tell grandma you are sorry!" Whereas he told grandma he was sorry. Then John said, "Now give yourself a spanking!" He then proceeded to, with all the strength in his little boy body, spank his grandma. I mean he gave it his all! Put his whole body in it. John and grandma laughed so hard, it was hard to tell him why he should not have done that.
The Almighty Liz
P.S. I would like to thank everyone for not making disparaging remarks about my poetry, but in actuality being extremely kind about the whole thing. Thanks for your tolerance.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For Trisha

Alright, first I have to correct a small fact from my last post. My new niece's name is Lark Kaylin, not Lark Kaylynne. Everything else was right though.
So, for this post I am going to expose myself a little bit, (not like that! minds out of the gutter please), in that I am going to post some poetry that I have written. I used to do a lot of this back in the day, but haven't for a long time. I may get back into it, who knows. However, I have a new friend named Trisha, who has a new blog, and she is also a poetess. So I thought I would give her a little sample of my own personal stuff, like she did in her blog. So, as I am very nervous (this proves how much I love you Trisha!), no negative comments please. (Bruce!) Hmmm, I may screen my comments. Naw, just be nice people! Here goes, this is my favorite one I've written, and I wrote it my senior year in high school:
For all of her life,
She was passed around,
Like a toy,
Like a worthless plaything.
To be beaten,
and used.
However the user saw fit.
It went on for years,
and years,
and endless years.
She was never able to keep her head above water.
Never able to take a breath.
She was constantly held down just inches
from the surface.
And the users thoroughly enjoyed their toy.
Until the day their toy came alive.
And fought to the surface of the suffocating water.
And took a breath.
And another.
And she lay there,
on the never before felt solid ground.
Wondering at it's support.
The sweet air in her lungs.
What to do next.
And she got up,
and looked back,
back where her users were waiting,
waiting for her to slip,
and fall,
back into their embrace.
She looked for a long while.
Hating them until her heart was black.
She heard her name called,
From somewhere behind her,
And she turned from her users' mocking faces,
And saw other types of faces.
Kind faces.
Loving faces.
Beloved faces.
And she glanced back over her shoulder,
one last time,
and walked away.
The Almighty Liz