Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For Trisha

Alright, first I have to correct a small fact from my last post. My new niece's name is Lark Kaylin, not Lark Kaylynne. Everything else was right though.
So, for this post I am going to expose myself a little bit, (not like that! minds out of the gutter please), in that I am going to post some poetry that I have written. I used to do a lot of this back in the day, but haven't for a long time. I may get back into it, who knows. However, I have a new friend named Trisha, who has a new blog, and she is also a poetess. So I thought I would give her a little sample of my own personal stuff, like she did in her blog. So, as I am very nervous (this proves how much I love you Trisha!), no negative comments please. (Bruce!) Hmmm, I may screen my comments. Naw, just be nice people! Here goes, this is my favorite one I've written, and I wrote it my senior year in high school:
For all of her life,
She was passed around,
Like a toy,
Like a worthless plaything.
To be beaten,
and used.
However the user saw fit.
It went on for years,
and years,
and endless years.
She was never able to keep her head above water.
Never able to take a breath.
She was constantly held down just inches
from the surface.
And the users thoroughly enjoyed their toy.
Until the day their toy came alive.
And fought to the surface of the suffocating water.
And took a breath.
And another.
And she lay there,
on the never before felt solid ground.
Wondering at it's support.
The sweet air in her lungs.
What to do next.
And she got up,
and looked back,
back where her users were waiting,
waiting for her to slip,
and fall,
back into their embrace.
She looked for a long while.
Hating them until her heart was black.
She heard her name called,
From somewhere behind her,
And she turned from her users' mocking faces,
And saw other types of faces.
Kind faces.
Loving faces.
Beloved faces.
And she glanced back over her shoulder,
one last time,
and walked away.
The Almighty Liz


Brad Carter said...

I tried singing it to the tune of Battery by Metallica, but not all the words fit into it right. Nice poem, though!

Anonymous said...

you are almost as wierd as john. but thanks.

timpani76 said...

I have read too much poetry in my time to not tell you that this was very good! I was actually a little surprised by how good it was (sorry! everyone writes poetry and most of it is bad)

lizS said...

don't worry, the surprize doesn't offend me. i'm surprized anybody thought it was worth reading but me! i know most poetry is bad, and, after reading through all that i wrote, most of it is...not awful, but definitly not something i would put out there for public ridicule, lol!! thanks for the props timpani!

Trisha said...

Thank you for this posting Liz.
I'm not sure what to say... it gave me chills. It tells a wonderful story, even though it doesn't start out like a fairy tale but does end the way you hope it will. Like you told me, keep it coming!

Trisha said...

And I love you too!

lizS said...

well, heck. y'all are gonna give me a big head. thanks! love you guys!

Bruce said...

roses are red
violets are blue
im very neet
and you smell like...
sory, had to be done after you singled me out for beeing mean. i mean, have you herd some of the things you have wrote to and about me. i can see where this, the poem i mean, would mean a lot to you. its hard to let you work out for others to see and pick apart. takes some backbone. so if for nothing else im glad you posted it. i have one i did that i like, maybe ill post it. im sure it sucks but like i said i like it so who cares. good job liz.

lizS said...

well, thanks moose. i'm touched. really.

Renae said...

Not being a poet myself, and admittedly not a connoisseur of such, I can't be a great judge. But a worthy effort in my oppinion. Zehr gut!

lizS said...

thanks renae!

Andrea said...

I really loved have a talent for writing. Seriously, I had chills.

lizS said...

wow, hey andrea! welcome welcome! good to see you here. now you can see what john's other half is like, lol! thanks for the compliment; to the poem, and for stopping by!

pie-seas79 said...


Dana Cheryl said...

Liz you have courage and strength. Thanks for trusting us enough to share.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a little late in responding to this, but what a brave thing to post on your blog. And good! Even though I am not a poetry reader or writer, my untrained ear likes it.