Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And Enter Swine Flu and Heart Problems...

Okay people, I know this is getting a little ridiculous, but here's the latest;
I have swine flu, but I'm actually feeling better today, so I think it's on the way out. Thank goodness.
Also, got back some test results from my latest near death experience, and it looks like I have mitral valve prolapse and regurgitation. MVP is not uncommon, and it's when the mitral valve, or the valve in the middle of your heart that separates the upper and lower chambers and keeps blood going one way--from upper to lower--gets damaged. MV regurgitation is when that valve is so damaged that the blood starts backing up from lower to upper. At this point all I know is that is what I've got, and my doc wants me to see a cardiologist. The absolute worst case scenario that I can determine from me research is heart surgery, and I won't know about that until I see said cardiologist, but hopefully it won't go that far.
Anyhoo, prayers would be much appreciated at this point. Especially for John, who's had one too many sucker punches in too short a period of time. He's not dealing as well as I am. Thanks!!
The Almighty Liz