Thursday, June 12, 2008

One Bad Day and a Couple of Killer Good Ones

So Monday blew. I'm not going to go into details, but have you ever had one of those days where just nothing goes right? Like everywhere you turn, you run up against a brick wall, from making dinner to finding pants. That was my Monday. By the end of the day, I was an emotionally wrung out rag. I was ready to go be a hermit.
Then comes Tuesday, which was way better. I had a very old friend that I hadn't seen since like Junior year in high school come to visit me. Much to our mutual delight, we still get along great! An hour or two visit turned into the whole day without either one of us really realizing it. So much fun! And during that time, when John came home for lunch, he found a turtle. Anyone who's watched their kids explore a turtle for the first time knows what I'm so happy about. This turtle was remarkably brave as well, so he didn't just clam up in his shell either. He tried to run away! It was hilarious to watch the kids "chase" a turtle! To wrap the day up, we tried out the local public pool. John was very reluctant. I eventually talked him into it, and did we ever have a blast! It's just your basic pool, no kiddie pool or frills, but the shallow end is only three feet, so Jonni can touch, so we didn't have to worry about her so much. That was also her first experience being in a pool where she could stand up with no help. She loved it! Erik was of course fearless. He usually is. It was his idea, almost from the very first, to jump off the edge. We had to watch him pretty close so he didn't jump before we were ready to catch him!! He's also a natural when it comes to swimming. I don't think it will be long before he can swim by himself. Scary! Jonni is a bit more cautious, but still had a great time in the water. ( and I think it's good she's cautious, it will make it easier to keep an eye on her) We had so much fun that we are going back tonight, and we are getting a season pass. They have adult lap swim twice a week too, so that works out great for my fitness prescriptions.
Yesterday, since my grandparents were in town for the week, I drove the kids down to hang out with them. Serendipitously, another old friend decided to stop by my sister's while I was there on her way to the airport with her family. So I got to see her and her little girl and her husband, which was awesome, and meet her new son for the first time! So much fun. We went to a park where there are animals to pet and feed, and ducks and SWANS! I've never seen a swan up close, and they are cool! They had babies with them too, and yeah. They really are ugly. We finished up the day with a little Dairy Queen treat, and came home very late, very tired, but very, very happy.
I also had a fun experience by myself yesterday. I had to pick up some forms while I was in my hometown necessary to register Jonni for kindergarten. (side note; can you BELIEVE all the crap they want just to get your kid into PUBLIC school kindergarten? What with moving and such recently, I had absolutely no idea where any of this stuff was, so I had to go get copies of everything. What an absolute pain.) I dropped the kids off at my mom's and ran to do that little errand. It took less than an hour, but I rediscovered something I haven't done in I can't remember when; driving by myself. I always have somebody in the car with me, the kids, the husband, a friend or whoever. This was a completely unexpected pleasure, to drive solo. I could listen to my heavy metal cranked as loud as I could stand it (which is loud because I am deaf), I didn't have children firing questions at me or fighting or complaining, a husband complaining of my song choice, and/or making fun of the song, or the considerations of a friend to be aware of. It was fabulous! What bliss! I highly recommend it to my mommy friends. Just leave the kids with the husband, and go for a little drive to nowhere in particular all by yourself. Heaven!
I'm so happy that the week didn't turn out (so far anyway, but now I'm ridiculously optimistic to the point where it won't matter if it bad things happen anyway) as stinky as it started out. It's amazing what a good old friend or two, a little sun and water, and some fresh air will do for your outlook on life! Cheers!
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Which friends did you see? Do I know them?

I love driving alone! I think part of the reason I like to go swimming (ALONE) once a week is to drive all the way to Edwardsville YMCA all by myself. Yes, the radio always gets blasted! No more little ears to worry about.

Sun releases happy hormones, which is why I think all us gardeners are such happy people.

I had to get Vance registered for preschool through the public school system, and I had lost his social security card! So, that was extra fun. I hate working with the social security people. I think they hate me too, so all's fair.

Forms, physicals, proof of residence; all much more complicated than it should be, I think.

lizS said...

oh man, i told jonni's school they couldn't have her social security anything. they don't need it! i don't want her social security stuff floating around at various and sundry places! they have it at her doctor's office, that's flippin' good enough. your ss# was made and meant for one thing: to keep tract of your money when you work, so you can get your social security money when you retire. NOTHING ELSE. people just use it as a convenient way to cateloge. the more places you give it out too, the more places identity theft morons could get ahold of it. so i won't give it to the school. they accepted that at her school, cause guess why? they really honest and true...don't need it. idiots.

Bruce said...

there are a few things liz and i agree on with out reservation, one of them is cranking metal. things written in a miner coard and turned up loud seem to get the heart going too. i think our school gives a check list to every body and you just bring in the compleated packet. there is a huge load of crap to get for it though. and the sun thing is absolutly true. i heard a thing that said the sun gives you vietamen... i forgot which on but that that vietamen defishence leeds to all sorts of bad things. one of them is mental illness. they said that by their estiment 60-80 percent of all mental hospitals could be cleared our by correcting this. they also said you should get some(about 15 min per day) of sunblock free sun shine. i have seen a lot of turtles this year. weard.

lizS said...

it's vitamin D moose. and my doctor (the really cool one i get to go to again cause we moved back) says the trinity cure for depression (he's catholic, so i think his name for it is funny) is diet exercise and sunlight. yup, good old fashioned sunlight. not that you never need a little medication, but it's supposed to be a leg up not the end all.

Renae said...

Sunshine is definitely GOOD for my sanity! Driving alone, not good, I get sleepy. It's a wonder I haven't killed myself yet. As for a packet to fill out for school? HA! Show's who does all of the paperwork crap around this household. Yes, there is a packet of papers to fill out, but you also need their physicals, proof of a dentist visit, SS card, and an official copy of their birth certificate.

Glad you are feeling better Liz!

Dana Cheryl said...

Utah is really great for sunshine. It may being negative thirteen but there's almost always sun. Even wearing 30+ spf on a daily basis it took less than a week for me to get a farmer's tan. All this sun makes me appreciate the rain. Yet it does put me in a great mood. :)

All this school packet stuff is stressing me out and I don't even have kids yet. Yep, I'm gonna homeschool for sure...

Liz, thanks for sharing the positive vibe with us. It's so great to "hear" you sounding vibrant and healthy. Make sure ya drive alone more often! :)

Renae said...

I forgot to add that you need some kind of utility bill, with your name on it, to prove that you live with in the right district.

Bruce said...

yes D, thats it. i was thinkinging B but i knew that was banannas.

lizS said...

right, proof of residency. and like i said before, i totally flat out refuse to give her ss# out. it's stupid. but we will be doing all that on monday i do believe. and she has to take an apptitude test too. nutso!!

dana, you are brave beyond belief to homeschool. i'm one of those mom's that needs to get AWAY from her kids on occasion to stay sane. but the past couple of sunshiny days have been killer! unfortunetly my little man is now sick. poor guy. fevers and diarreah! nasty combo. i think i could match colista for atomic bombs today!! (dana, if you don't know colista, go to john's blog. he has a link to her's, and she's flippin' hilarious) we actually had to stay home from the pool yesterday. and it's raining today. but no fear, there's always SATURDAY! HOORAY!