Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tragedy Has Befallen

Well boys and girls, I'm sure you've noticed that I ran strong for about a week with the blog, and then poof! I was gone. That is because I am not currently online. My modem decided to bugger out on me. So, check in periodically (because I occasionally have access to a computer, like now I am at my mother's for thanksgiving and I am using her's), and Eventually we will have a new modem, whereas I will continue to blog with the frenzy I first displayed. I know it will be hard for you all, to have that first taste, and then not be able to get your Liz fix as often, but endure and all will be well. I hope you all had a happy Thankgiving, remembered what Thanksgiving is all about, (at least briefly) and enjoyed your families!!
Signing out for now, (but not forever)
The almighty Liz

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