Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ew. Snow.

Don't get me wrong, it's pretty and everything, and the kids love it, and I love watching them have fun in it, but when you get right down to it snow is just cold and wet. No getting around it. Those are definitely two things I do not cope well with. Thank goodness I invested in some good snow boots last year because we got maybe a foot yesterday, and regular shoes, or even substandard boots were just not gonna cut it, especially considering the few inches of ice under the snow. Ick.

But like I said, the kids are having a blast playing in it, and John is perfectly willing to be the man and go play with them, leaving me to be the mommy who stays inside where it's warm and serves hot cocoa when everyone comes in. It's a role I do well.

Jonni didn't have school for Tuesday or Wednesday, and you won't believe it, but she was mad. She really likes school, and hates it when she can't go, so she was particularly surly and difficult the past couple of days. Add in a brother who has learned to push big sister's buttons, and who decided to take it upon himself to make her as angry as he could possibly manage, and I was hugely relieved that school was back on today. Even with the factor that I had to get up early. Yes, even with that I am super happy to get that girl out of the house, lol!

In other news, my poor Erik is sick, of the intestinal kind. I have gone through more diapers since yesterday than I have in the past month. I kid you not. I had to ask a friend to go on an emergency run for more, because I was about to run out! Poor, poor Erik. He's not having much fun with this. Neither am I, come to think of it. I'm a little sick as well, which is why you won't see me on SVELTE for a bit. Just a fever, and no other symptoms, so maybe this one won't last long. I will be so very, very glad when flu season is over. It is seriously interrupting my recovery processes.

Other than that, life goes on pretty much as normal. We have not heard anything about the Peoria house (for those of you who don't know, we are sporting two mortgages since we moved, and we have an interested party for the first time in eight months who is trying to get approved for a loan so they can bid on said house. Prayers would be appreciated!), but we might be getting rid of our faulty car next week. If we get rid of the house, needless to say, getting a new car will be a cakewalk. Here's hoping today is the day we get some great news!! If we don't get any great news, then I will just settle for having an almost perfect life. ;)

The Almighty Liz

P.S. For your viewing pleasure, I have included some pics of the snow. Also, a picture of Jonni in her brand-new glasses. Enjoy!

I just think this little snow covered plant is funny for some reason. He just looks so pathetic out there all by himself!

Here's one of our cars almost covered up. John dug it out yesterday to go to the store. Yay that I didn't have to!

Our backyard, or part of it anyway. Our fence is like almost half as tall as it should be.

Here's my cutie. The glasses are hot pink, but it's hard to tell with the red shirt. And yes, we got her a granny chain to keep them from falling off. After the last fiasco, of having them for four days and then losing them on the playground, only to find them again but smashed, I deemed the chain necessary. I let her pick it out though!


Karen said...

She looks ADORABLE!!!!

Brad Carter said...

I miss the snow a lot. We have very little of it here. Maybe 2 inches for the entire season this year. Hopefully when we visit IL next Christmas we'll get a lot of it.

lizS said...

she is rather, isn't she?
and curse on you brad! we don't need more snow, or any really. didn't you read the post? it's ICKY!

timpani76 said...

I think I must be the only adult left on the planet that still likes snow. I like sledding, I like making things in the snow, and I love watching the kids play in the first real snow every year.

I honestly hate it when it's cold and there's no snow. What's the point of cold if there is no snow to enjoy? I also am genuinely disappointed when it is NOT a white Christmas.

The air feels warmer when there is snow around to reflect the sunlight and it is brighter everywhere when there is snow on the ground. I love the snow reflected light, it just cheers me up.

Wow, so after my novel do you like snow any better?

lizS said...

nope, lol! still just wet and cold!

Trisha said...

I love to see the snow. However, I hate the cold. Give me 120 degrees any day!
So, I'm pretty much with you Liz. It's pretty and all, but especially here in KY.... there is always at least an inch thick layer of ice underneath all that pretty snow.
Heat, my friends, heat. I was born to be a beach baby, I just know it! :-)
PS: referring to the previous post... you really do have the most amazing daughter. And she looks super-cute in her glasses!

Hoba Chi said...

I'm with you on the snow, Liz. I am glad the kids like it, I sometimes wish that I still did, but mostly I just look at it and ponder all the idiots who I will be dodging on the road.

Jonni's glasses w/chain are cute. (Tell her to not let some guy make her feel bad and stop wearing them. Ask Timpani.)

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

LOVE the glasses! Jonni's so pretty. She must be a Sever....and a Brian.

craftyashley said...

Snow is nice- in theory. I learned that the hard way this Dec.

lizS said...

thanks guys! jonni is exceptionally gorgeous i know. and i'm glad i'm not the only one who despises snow, lol!

lizS said...

oh, and erik, i don't think we'll have that problem. jonni has so many different people tell her she's beautiful on a daily basis that i'm afraid she's going the way of her father; dangerous overconfidence, lol!

Bruce said...

you could have went with the sporty rubber strap for the glasses. it would have looked great. well maybe not great. accually they look dumb but they work great. there was a retarted guy that went to the church i was raised in. he had one on his glasses as he never lost the. and they look compleatly normal on him.

Andi said...

Hi Liz,

I miss you and I am so glad you have a blog so we can catch up. That is wonderful news about Jonni. She has a giving heart and that will take her far. She is gorgeous in her glasses and has wonderful parents!

And I hate the snow too. I can't wait til it all melts. Love you and miss seeing you!

lizS said...

hey andi!! welcome to my blog! if you haven't found my hubbie's link, it's to the right on the main page; he's always worth a read. he's hilarious! i'll have to come visit your blog now!

Renae said...

I like snow, and apples.