Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Memorial Day Weekend

Well, we went to my Grandparents' over the weekend to clear off downed trees from a major storm they had a couple of weeks ago, and repair their roof. What really surprised me was that the trees were not just blown over; they were uprooted. It was totally weird. I have one pic from the visit of my grandpa reading to my kids. It was really sweet.
We had some fun when we finally dragged ourselves to home, sweet home. Our street flooded!!! We got into our driveway one minute or less before the huge downpour happened that flooded our street. As we were trying to get the kids in the house and the car in the garage, a bolt of lightening struck the street just a house or two up from us. It almost deafened me, it was so loud!! We had to fish a few cars out of the water because the drivers were complete morons and ignored all of the people (like us) standing on our porches trying to wave them back! I got a lot of pics, and they tell the story better than I can. The whole flooding lasted about an hour, maybe a little more, but the rain lasted way longer. Enjoy!
The Almighty Liz

Here are the pics of my Granpa and Erik and Jonni. A definite Kodak Moment.
Here is the run-off drain. That whirlpool there. Yeah, that's it.
The first moron of the day. Oh, and that trash can there? That's ours, and it totally floated away while John was pushing a car to safety. It got all the way down the street, but luckily one of our neighbors snagged it before it could get away forever.
As you can see, there's not even any sign of the sidewalks anymore.
The flooding got within about eight feet of our front porch.
A better wide-shot of what was our street, that turned for a brief time into our river.
This is the car that wouldn't fit into the garage. Let me remind you that this car is in our driveway at this time. And our driveway has a very steep grade. Everytime someone tried to conquer the river (and the trucks did okay), our car would bob up and down like a cork. It was GREAT! (little sarcasm there)
Our neighbors embraced the inevitable, and broke out their boat!!
They paddled up and down several times, to the cheers of all the neighbors!
They were hilarious. This is John (in red) standing on our mailbox. The guy in black is one of the many neighbors that helped fish out cars.

John again. See how high the water was? And he's not even in the middle!


Brad Carter said...

Reminds me of the intersection of my street and John's street when we were kids. Maybe once every year or two it would be flooded with about a foot of water and was lots of fun to play in.

timpani76 said...

There was flooding all over the place over here too. Meridian Hills was hit pretty hard. My basement just took on a little water, and that was about it.

That got really close to your house!

lizS said...

yeah, brad, john was telling me all about that last night. but our flood was way better. much higher than a foot.
and i heard on the radio timpani that there are still flood warnings in effect for madison county. crazy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Has any of that water drained yet Liz?

lizS said...

lol! yeah, it only lasted about an hour. it was one exciting hour though!

pie-seas79 said...

Wow, that's crazy!

Renae said...

That looks like fun. (As long as it didn't get inside.) I used to love it when our street flooded as a kid!

Dana Cheryl said...

Good times on your street. lol. We got the rain too down here in KY but no flooding. yay!

Seriously that looks like a good time. I love the neighbors in the canoe. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

holy cow thats alot of rain

Mary said...

Wow! Those are some amazing pics! Speaking of pics, did you get my email?

lizS said...

hey mary! i didn't expect you to surface for many moons. i'll call you tomorrow; glad you're home! and yeah, i got the pics. and yes, i laughed a lot. ;)

lizS said...

who's the annonymous poster? i should take that option out...