Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Anniversary Weekend

Hello all! Once again, I apologize for the scarcity of posts and also, once again, the reason is the same; I was sick. Some stupid horrendous head cold. But mostly all better now!
So, John and I had our 7 year anniversary this Monday past! I can't believe it's been that long! Looking back (pardon me whilst I wax philosophical), I do believe our life together has been happy and productive. Two awesome kids, a great job for John, a terrific town to live in, and best of all, a stellar marriage. I sure do love that man. ;) Sorry no pics, we forgot our camera everywhere we went.
We got rid of the kids for the weekend to celebrate, and besides the obvious ;), we did a ton of stuff! It was so fun! We saw Wolverine, we went to the Temple, we went hiking, and to the zoo, and slept in, and stayed up late, and went out to dinner and just had an all around blast. I really feel like we re-connected too. I hadn't realized how distant we had gotten from each other!! Just with the everday mundane things like parenting and running a household. We always do a weekly date, but we need to amp up the quality I think. I would really like to maintain this awesome closeness we recaptured this weekend. It's sublime!
So what do all you experienced married people out there do to maintain your friendships with your spouses? Enquiring minds NEED to know, lol!
The Almighty Liz


Cassi : ) said...

Communication! You have to be each other's best friend, always! And each other's biggest fan. Every night we talk before we go to bed and we talk through out every day, whether it's calling, texting, IM, email, we are always in contact - therefore always on each other's mind. By the way, I knew John from C of J, I haven't been able to meet you, hopefully someday though.

lizS said...

hi cassi! yes, john told me all about you, lol! and john and i do that too. talk throughout the day i mean. i totally agree that that is essential! i think john and i need to start talking over non-business items though. i think we fell into that trap, lol!

timpani76 said...

Talking throughout the day through the phone or e-mail is great for Erik & I. I also like to go on "walking dates" once a week because it seems we talk better with the kids in the stroller. Maybe because the kids talk less in the stroller?

Also, this sounds corny, but Erik and I rent TV shows on DVD and watch them together when the kids go to bed. We talk about the show, and other shows we watched growing up, or we talk about what's happening on the show. Plus, it's a great way to de-compress together after the kids are safely "put away" in bed.

Renae said...

So hey, how come I didn't get to watch your kids? Am I in trouble? I was wondering about that. Do you all hate me now? SORRY!

I'm glad you had a good time. A weekly date? SO jealous. I can't afford the sitters for that.

My favorite (well maybe not my absolute favorite, but definitely up there) dates are the ones where we work-out together. Is that dumb? It's not exactly romantic and I don't look my best all sweaty, but I love to ride bikes (and I don't mean at a lolly-gag pace, I like to try to out run him)together and go running. Maybe it's partly because I don't get many opportunities to bike without my man along. All of the good biking places are kind of through woodsy trails and it'd be a good place to get mugged & raped, so I'm not allowed to go there alone.

Really though, I don't care what we do. Just being out of the house and alone together is great. I'm like a dog going for a walk, so pathetically happy just to be out.

Eyepoke said...

alot of our weekly dates are just friday night after the kids are in bed we watch a movie. We tend to bump bed time up a bit earlier for that.

lately we have been swapping sitting with another couple from church... we very rarely hire a sitter. I guess sitter finding gets harder when you have 5 though...

You can still watch our kids- anytime Nae!

Eyepoke said...

Of course you have Lid. She's getting pretty close to being old enough to be in charge for a while? Or is that pure madness?

lizS said...

yeah, nae, it was just a little more convienent for my sister to watch the kids that's all. we totally don't hate you, lol! not even mad. i mean, on what planet would we have a reason to be angry? none, that where.
and i think it's cool you like to work out with bruce. it's something you can both do, and you both enjoy it. i would actually like to work out more with john, but i'm such a wuss (even BEFORE the illness, lol!) that it's not even anywhere near a challenge for him. *sigh* someday though....i will be SVELTE!!!