Thursday, May 21, 2009


I logged into my husband's hotmail account (he never checks his email-I do it for him) and saw this;
Mail order Latin Brides! Just click here for the woman of your dreams!
Seriously? People still DO that?!
The Almighty Liz


Eyepoke said...

You should look into it. If they are cheap enough maybe we could get a couple to do housework. I've always wondered if you could still get slaves on the blackmarket

lizS said...

you are a freak of nature. why on this green earth did i marry you?!

Brad Carter said...

A couple years ago we came across a free conference line where guys would gather each week to discuss the progress with their mail order brides. It was pretty fascinating stuff, until we all joined in the conversation to make fun of them.

This was a phone bridge with what sounded like 5 or 6 legitimate mail order bride customers. We found that there were several active online communities of men looking into this kind of thing. So I guess it's still an option for men who don't know how to date.

It is pretty bizarre that this type of thing still goes on. There are so many dating websites out there today that it'd be a billion times less shady and more cost-effective to just sign up and try to meet people that way. There are even sites that are purely for hooking up and nothing else. With stuff like that available in any local area, what could possibly be the appeal of going through the lengthy and expensive process of importing women from other countries? I should find that conference line number again and ask them.

timpani76 said...

Ooooh, I want a mail order bride to do all my housework for me so I can play out in the garden all day ;)

Cassi : ) said...

We actually had a guy in our ward who did this, not once, but TWICE. Now, they weren't Latin, they were corn-fed country gals, but he seemed to like them, I think he's still with the 2nd one! Don't knock it 'til you try it, I guess?!