Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just a Little Gushing

John has a neat trick.
You see, when I look in the mirror, and you girls out there can probably empathize, I don't see pretty. All I see are things that need fixing, the imperfections, the flaws. My hair is not full and lustrous enough, my skin is starting to sag and get wrinkles, my pores are the size of craters and my endless battle with acne rages on, my darn eyes are two different colors! Ect ect ect and on and on and on. I have a list of over a million things I'm pretty sure. But then! My husband takes me in his arms and tells me I'm gorgeous and all that insecurity about myself melts away and I believe him. One look and two words and I feel like I'm the most exquisitely beautiful woman to ever grace the Earth with her presence. I wish I could bottle that up and send it as a gift to every girl on the planet because even if it only lasted a minute, every female needs to feel like that just once. I get to feel like that every day.
I do love that man.
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Aren't husbands great?

lizS said...

they sure freaking are!

Renae said...

He is right, you know. You are the only one who sees all of those "imperfections" that you mentioned. We are always our worst critics.

And girlfriend, you are looking especially good these days!

Colista said...

I wish there was a "like" button on blog posts!

lizS said...

@renae: aw, shucks ma'am, thanks!
@colista: that's a great idea, lol!