Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Mattress!

So, my mattress is shot. It's eight years old, and it's just gone cahpoohey. Neither John nor I have had a good night's sleep in over a month. I keep getting sick, and I just don't have the energy to do anything at all. So, several weeks ago, the search started, and last Monday, Labor Day (when the sales were good), John and I ordered one! I'm really excited about it, because it's a Sleep Number bed. I have high hopes for it. John and I are polar opposites when it comes to how soft we want our sleeping area, and I think this will be our solution. They are MIGHTY expensive, though, so we got the cheapest one. That means it is a little less-than in terms of comfort, so my next project is a super good topper to put on it to make it perfect. Anyone out there in blogger land have any good suggestions? I've done some legwork and a lot of online research, but I just don't know what's good because I haven't slept on one! Our mattress should be here in two weeks, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

I use a memory foam mattress topper because it seems to help aching joints. Erik says it is "too soft" though.

lizS said...

yeah, i think i'm going to get memory foam. the cool thing with the sleep number bed is that if john thinks the memory foam is "too soft", he can adjust the mattress for more firmness. the softness also depends on the density of the MF, the more dense, the better support, ect. and for toppers, since MF is actually supposed to be on a hard flat surface, not box springs or a soft mattress, the density is supposed to be no less than 3 lbs, and 4 is supposed to be the best. so i figure, 3 lbs will probably give me the softness i want, while giving the support john wants, and MF will help with movement transfer, and a "waterbed feel" that the cheaper sleep number beds have. but i'm still!

craftyashley said...

Logan wants one of those sleep number beds SO BAD. I bought our mattress without consulting him (it was on a crazy sale!) and he thinks it's too soft! It's some better than memory foam concoction and SUPER hard to move. But I like it.
My parents have a sleep number- they've had it for over 10 years, and they like it!

lizS said...

ashley, john thinks just about every bed we tried was too soft, lol! his sleep number at the store was like 95, and mine was 25. yeah, sleep number was pretty much the only way to go, lol!!

timpani76 said...

That's because John used to sleep on the floor all the time, which I always thought was a little weird ;)

I'm sure grass feels too soft for John!