Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Much Delayed Review

Okay, so we've had the Sleep Number bed for just shy of a week, I think five full nights. My initial reaction was LOVE, and now that I've had a few nights to try it out, it's turned into ADORATION!! I worship this bed. It wouldn't have been so good without the topper we got for it, but with the memory foam IT'S PERFECT. I've been running on pure adrenaline for several weeks, and now that I'm able to sleep again, I'm beyond exhausted, lol! It's like my body is saying "finally, now we are going to get caught up....for the next month...." John really likes it too. He's one of those people that likes a constantly changing sleeping surface, I think, kinda like a cat, so this is perfect for him. He can adjust to to his heart's content, so we're both uber happy with it. Which is the point of a Sleep Number bed after all: to make both people in the couple happy, and it works. How did I live before we had this?!!
For those of you thinking "why should I get one, it's just a air mattress!" You are so totally wrong. I can see it if we didn't get the topper like I said, but with the topper, it's not air mattress-y in the least, not even a little bit. It's soft and fluffy and wonderful, and I'm totally in love with it.
The Almighty Liz


craftyashley said...

I hope Logan doesn't read this. We are NOT getting a new bed.
Although when we moved my parents- the bed was the easiest part!

Dana Cheryl said...

My parents got their sleep number bed just a day after ya'll got yours. They love their's as well. This is really saying something because two years ago my dad fell 20 feet and broke his spine, pelvis, and hip. After sleeping on the sleep number for a few nights he woke up with NO pain for the first time in two years. That rocks!!! So happy that my peeps are getting good sleep.

lizS said...

lol @ ashley! i don't think he reads my blog, so we're safe. ;)
dc, it really is a freaking awesome bed. you can literally get the exact bed you always wanted!! i've never had a soft bed, but i have big hips, so i've never ever been able to sleep without my hips aching, but now i can. and with the memory foam getting rid of all pressure points, it's just pure heaven. love love love love LOVE IT!!

i do recommend getting the cheaper model, and the getting a topper for it. you just save so much money, and you can customize it even further however you want. it's a win-win. :D