Thursday, August 19, 2010


So, I have been hugely remiss in posting this summer, so I thought that I would give all you fans out there a huge glut of pictures to calm all those Liz Cravings I'm sure you are experiencing. Your welcome!

This was Beth's surprise birthday dinner.

Renae was having....issues, lol!
The carnage after the meal.
Yes, I WAS there.
Aw, aren't they cute? (and I'd feel remiss if I didn't point out Lydia on the left. She was having a Bad Night.)
And the cute facade falls to the wayside...
Another awwww pic.
These are all the kids left at home. Such lovely, well mannered adults this woman has raised!
Or not!
And a pic with the transplants of the family. At least we can behave, right?!
Nope, we've been tainted!
This is a walk the kids and I went on around our neighborhood.
I feel the need to tell you the truth about this fire hydrant. Erik informed me that this is a very dangerous robot cleverly disguised as a fire hydrant. So be on the look-out people! These are everywhere!!
Vicious attack dog? Or something to stomp on?
Jonni's school playground, the destination of our walk.
Will somebody PLEASE let these poor kids out of jail!!?
The Almighty Liz


Renae said...

Fun pictures! I'd almost forgotten about Clayton splashing me with that sauce and then ruining my pants with his muddy shoes.

Bruce said...

well i least i looked fat and bald.

timpani76 said...

Jonni is looking like an older kid now! (sad panda face). I hate the little dogs that bark, but I gotta say the big dogs are the ones that really freak me out. We have a few too many scary german shepards in our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

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Dana Cheryl said...

Great post name! Definitely!! Loved seeing all the pix. I really miss ya'll. Seeing your faces helps...

Love ya lots!