Sunday, November 1, 2009


Erik was Raphael, and Jonni was Donatello. Their choice, of course. I think they looked awesome! (and hilarious)
Um, this is supposed to be a pic of our pumpkins. They're eyes, on the right of the pic.

Okay, so our Halloween this year was super laid back what with the illness/injuries/ect that have been going on, especially considering last year's Haunted Treasure Hunt. We still had fun though, just trick-or-treating around the neighborhood! Our neighborhood is awesome. Everyone sitting out on their porches giving away candy, and we have about a bazillion kids, too. So while it may not have been as action packed as last year, it (for me anyway) was nice to set a less hectic pace. Here's a few pictures from the "hallowed" event. Get it? Hallowed? Yeah, okay.
The Almighty Liz
PS So blogger is being stupid, so the pics are above my little paragraph there. Whatever.


Hoba Chi said...

Glad Halloween went well!

Renae said...

Your pumpkins look like two eyes on a giant monster.

timpani76 said...

We did some trick or treating this year too for the first time. I had so much fun, despite having a cold (while being pregnant). Your kids look so cute together!

Anonymous said...

That's what they are supposed to be Renae!