Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Erik's Fourth Birthday, and Other "Fun" Things

Hello all! It's been a mighty busy time in Liz World, so I thought I'd take a couple of minutes and get you all caught up.
I am doing much better. One little thing left to sew up as far as illness/injury, and then I can get back to life as usual. I hope. ;P
Before I get into the Birthday Boy stuff, I must tell you about the Hamburger Episode. Several weeks ago, John bought about five or so pounds of hamburger in one of those economic big rolls. He then put it in one of the shelves in the door of our freezer to...well, to freeze. Well freeze it did.....into the shelf! It molded to the shelf before it froze, so when it got all nice and solid, there was no removing it. It looked like this.

So what's a husband to do?

Break out the power tools, of course!

Ew, meat sawdust.

Very determinded man here. Watch out!

Making, er...progress?

More "progress".

He had to resort to several different tools. This is a knife sharpener.

Also, creativity was a must.

But eventually, (around an hour and half later), my man won the day! Huzzah!

He made quite a mess of meat shavings. Gross!

But being the awesome guy he is, he cleaned it up himself.

And now we have this; two large chunks of frozen hamburger. Um, yay? Yes, yay!

So on to Erik's birthday. The boy is now four. I cannot believe it!!! He had a good time for his birthday, with presents abounding, pizza for dinner, and chocolate cake, oh my!

Organization is very important to an orderly present opening occasion.

His favorite so far, though only by a nose, was a floor puzzle with two sides!

We all had a lot of fun putting it together. Good stuff.

Then it was on to the important stuff; CAKE!

He blew out his candles one at a time. Hilarious!

And here are just a couple of gratuitous pics of my darling children....

...or maybe NOT so darling, lol!
The Almighty Liz


craftyashley said...

I hate to bring this up after all the power-toolness, but doesn't the shelf just pull out? Ours do. :)

timpani76 said...

Happy Birthday Erik! Four years old? When did that happen???

There are soooo many birthdays in November! I watched Renae's kids on her birthday, so I felt absolved from forgetting that it was actually her birthday until her mom came over toward the end of the babysitting adventure and said "happy birthday"!

lizS said...

lol! yes, ashley, it would have come out, but the meat was covering the release buttons to let it do so. it really was a boneheaded thing to do.
timpani-i know! september and november for me are like ridiculously crowded! we have apollo's and carl's birthday on my side, in addition to erik and renae. sept is my dad, john's dad, bruce, cheryl,...i know there's more, but i can't remember. i ALWAYS forget someone in september, lol!

Renae said...

Why not just pour warm water over the meat? Just a thought. Happy Birthday Erik!

Anonymous said...

That would never have worked stupid!

timpani76 said...

This is what happens when you've already finished a hard task. People always jump in with these great suggestions after the fact ;)

Eyepoke said...

I really did consider all these hopeless small minded ideas and rejected them before the fact. Infants! Perverts! Meat heads! (get it?)

pie-seas79 said...

I, too, thought that the water poured on the meat was a good idea....power tools are more fun though. I usually break the meat into smaller freezer bags when I buy meat in bulk.
Erik is so darn cute! Looks like he had fun! :)

Jess Newell said...

HE'S FOUR?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? he's growing up waaaaaay too fast!!