Monday, November 24, 2008

Catching Up

Okay, so I was sick all last week, and of course, we had a busy and blog-worthy week. So, sit back and get comfortable, this is gonna be a long one.
**disclaimer; my camera's batteries went dead, so I have no pics. (stupid technology)

So, going in chronological order, a week ago last Friday, Jonni came bouncing off the bus after school because she lost her first tooth!! Apparently, in letting one of her girlfriends wiggle it, said girlfriend wiggled it a little too hard and it came out! Our tooth fairy was sort of on her game, after some quick maneuvering and a little help. You see, she went to the local Goodwill-type store the day before, and spent all of her change. She still had pennies and such-like, but you can't give a kid a dollar's worth of pennies under their pillow! So, with the help of our good friends the Andrews, she swapped the small change for quarters, and the event was saved! Jonni duly received a dollar the next morning, and was ecstatic.
The next big event was the following Thursday when my little boy turned 3! As I was still sick, we had a quiet affair at home. Just cake and presents and my in-laws, who literally happened to be in the neighborhood dropping off someone at the airport. We will be celebrating with my family on Thanksgiving this Thursday when everyone will be together. (PS, John made the cake, so it turned out just fine, for those of you who remember the Great Cake Debacle of Jonni's birthday a couple of years ago) Erik received a couple of Dr. Suess books, which he loves, a Spiderman shirt from the Grandparents Sever, and a bag full of cars, which he adores more than anything on this Earth, including his mother I think.
Next came the weekend, and the opening of Twilight the movie!! I got a group of mainly girls with some husbands together to go to a matinee on Saturday, and it was a rompin' good time. I liked the movie okay, but I had my problems with it. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone, and I think they did a mainly good job, but I didn't like it as much as say my hubby did, or some of the others there. We went for ice cream afterwards to jaw over the movie, and I think a good time was had by all. We drove to my in-laws house (which was the meeting point for everyone) and got in my car to pick up the kids (who were watched by the ever perfect Erik-Timpani's-husband, more on that in a minute), turned the key in the ignition, and the blasted thing refused to start!! We tried jumping the battery, and cursing (Mormon cursing, c'mon!), and raving to the Car God, but to no avail. The fickle thing just would not respond. So, making the best of it, we spent the night at Renae's, which was a good time. The kids especially enjoyed themselves, loudly and enthusiastically. The next morning, I got it started, but everyone was at church, so I left it there, having nothing else to do with it. After John got home, we went to pick it up, and the @#% thing wouldn't start again!! So, we hitched a ride from my father-in-law, and sent it to a mechanic this morning in Illinois. Hopefully it's something simple and cheap. As it is, I'm without a car this week. It's not been a full day yet, and I'm already stir crazy! I HATE not having the freedom to go where I want, when I want. Ugh! Cars!!
Anyway, back peddling a couple of days, the kids had a blast with Erik whilst we were at the movies on Saturday. Erik planned a Diego Adventure for them, where they had to go through forests, lakes and climb pyramids to get to their destination; treats! He will be posting about that soon I'm sure at . Thanks again Erik!!
So, while we did have lots of fun this past week or so, the ever present Car Demon had to throw somewhat of a wet blanket over everything. But who knows? Maybe we'll be forced to get a new car. Wouldn't that be horrible?
The Almighty Liz
**Update** We heard back from the mechanic, and basically the thing's a piece of junk now. He suggested we get rid of it as soon as possible. Hooray! New car after all!! (that was said with heavy sarcasm. I don't need a car payment on top of my two mortgage payments, thanks anyway.)


craftyashley said...

Wow, busy week!
Sorry about the car- that is the worst!

timpani76 said...

Cars! Does the engine need replacing? Or is it like 3 things at once? Just curious since I have never heard a mechanic say they would not try to fix a car (if you wanted to pay X amount blah blah blah).

Get better and EXERCISE!!!

lizS said...

oh, the mechanic was willing to fix it, but it would cost more than the car is worth. there are around 6 things wrong right now, and a dozen others that are the very knife edge of breaking. he just got it running for me, but told me that i shouldn't drive it out of my little town anymore, and even that wasn't a garuntee that it would last much longer.
and i'm exercising tomorrow you nazi!!

Bruce said...

its a shame your car went bad. i know what good care you guys take of your cars. like always getting the oil changed in a timely maner(insert smart alic gigle here). it did sound like a good weekend other wise though. kinda wish i could have been there. my weekend sucked.

Hoba Chi said...

Kids' adventure posted!