Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yay Me!

Well, before I get to the good stuff, let me tell you a few things about my morning;
I got ready to take Jonni to pre-school to the accompaniment of Erik banging on the piano and belting out Jingle Bells at the very loudest volume he could muster. As I was enjoying this little bit of richness in my life, Jonni comes tripping down the stairs with a pair of shorts and a halter top in her hand. "What's that?", I asked to which she replied that it was her outfit for school that day. I gently explained that it is still to cold for that particular ensemble, to which she riposted "But mom! The sun is out!" However, even though I too am chomping at the bit for shorts weather, I made her switch to jeans and a t-shirt, but only after much assurance that summer's coming soon, I promise.
Okay, and now onto my news!! Well, as you all know, I joined a community choir in January, and our concert is on May 4th. (bonus info; that's my anniversary! six years, baby, and here's hoping for at least an eternity more) What many of you also know, but some don't, is that I actually got up the nerve to try out for a solo. That's right, you read it correctly. A solo. I have never, ever done a solo before, I am far and away too chicken. But I did it! Aaaaaand, I got the results yesterday, *drumroll*, I didn't get it. BUT!!!, before you get to depressed at missing the opportunity to hear my dulcet tones displayed for all to hear, I DID get another part!! I got a part in a quartet! So I didn't totally suck!! I'm am horribly disproportionately excited about this. That means, of course, that if you haven't gotten tickets from me yet (shame, SHAME on you), and you don't have a good excuse (ie you are not pregnant like my gorgeous sister and sister-in-law), then you best get them now, because you do NOT want to miss this one! If you have no way of contacting me, then post a comment, and I will find you! YEEHAW! This is one for books, folks!
The Almighty and Astoundingly, Limitlessly Talented Liz


Bruce said...

man liz, try to be a little more excited. your lassitude on this is shocking. why did you join the dumb chior if you didn't want to do it.

lizS said...

i could crank it up a couple of notches. i was holding back because i didn't want to frighten people.

Bruce said...

i sware, did you wet your pant or what?

timpani76 said...

Congratulations! I knew something good would happen, even if you did not get the solo.

Renae said...

Since when is pregnancy an excuse for positively everything? I think it would be cool to see your show, but I'd rather have you guys to myself when we come out. Which we will have to do soon. Well, congrats! I'm still jealous about the whole choir thing. Someday.