Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Okay, okay. So I've been a bit neglectful of late. I have good reasons, but I'm going to try to repent, and do a better job. I know it's just so hard on you guys when you can't get your regular fixes of my life.
How was everyone's Easter? Ours was great. We stayed home (for once) and had a nice, quiet holiday. The kids were thrilled with their baskets, (nothing fancy people, I'm not a crafty girl), and they had a blast finding their eggs. We didn't dye any, just had plastic because John and I apparently don't like dying Easter eggs. When the kids get older, if they want to, they can, I'm not saying they can't. But if they don't care...did I mention I'm not crafty? Yeah, not so much. At any rate, the cool thing about them finding eggs was that they went about it in such completely different ways. Jonni was all about finding as many as she could. She didn't care about keeping them even, she was totally willing to share with Erik. She just wanted to find them. Erik, on the other hand, would find one, and sit down right there to find out what was inside. Then he had to figure out how the egg worked. Then he had to figure out how to put the candy back inside, and then take it out again, and put it back, over and over until he had it down. Only when he had gleaned all possible information from that egg would he go find another one. I think he found like three. It was absolutely hilarious to watch Jonni rushing around on her quest around Erik doing his scientific experiments. And John was rushing around with Jonni, while I watched the whole thing. I guess we know who got what from which parent. ;)
Other than Easter, I have nothing else to report. To be honest, I am still ill, and so haven't been doing much. The poor kids are a bit bored, but they entertain themselves by demolishing the house. It is definitely a mark of sickness that I don't even care, and we're having company tonight.
So, until next time my cyber friends,
The Almighty Liz


Anonymous said...

Are you saying Erik got his Zen meditation and reflection from you and Jonni got her zip from me?

I thought it was the other way around. I thought I was the patient refective one here.


lizS said...

naw, i'm saying that erik definitly got some of his observing traits from me, and jonni definitly got some of your love of rushing about. or something, who the heck really knows anyway?

timpani76 said...

We went to the same Easter Egg Hunt as Renae (at the Wall's house). Vance found about a dozen eggs, and seemed to enjoy having everyone around too. Quisqueya found two eggs, and then promptly gave them to another little girl so she could play on the Wall swingset.

Actually on Easter, we went to Erik's Aunt Bobbye's house and had fun watching his relatives be entertained by my extremely decorous and rambunctious children. My kids looked so cute! So, of course my camera had dead batteries.

Eyepoke said...

decorous and rambunctious? How does that work I wonder?

timpani76 said...

My kids look cute all the time baby, that's how that works.

Bruce said...

i was going to say some mean things but decided i would not. several of you have opened your self up as a target here. and i got a cool pic of some of my kids in the snow(posted on renaes blog).