Saturday, March 1, 2008

General Update, and Random Complaining

Hello all you cyber friends out there! I bet you were wondering if I was ever going to post again! Well let me tell you it's been a rough three weeks here in our little household.
It started with my getting strep, followed very closely by the nastiest flu ever. Then Jonni got strep and a little flu, and Erik then got a little flu as well. John never got sick. John doesn't ever get sick. He's John. The kids got well, but it has been a slow and painful process for the mommy of the family. A strait week of fevers, chills, coughing, congestion, horrible sore strep throat, aches and overarching miserableness was followed by a week of normal sickness, which was followed by this week where I have been as weak as a day old kitten. I am finally starting to feel normal though, hooray! Now all I have to do is get my three-weeks-neglected house in order. Oi!
Here's hoping nobody else gets sick like this, and if you do, you have my most sincere empathy,
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Oh man, this winter has been one cold after another for our house. I counted SIX colds I have gotten this year, plus a sinus infection. I feel like old man winter has personally come to our house and been beating me with bats.

Erik hardly ever get sick either, which is good since me and the kids always use up all his sick days!
I can't wait for spring and not just because I miss my garden!

lizS said...

TELL me about it! i can't wait for a bit of warmth and sunshine, minus snow!! i dunno about you guys, but i we haven't properly seen our grass since the beginning of january! just when everything starts to thaw and melt, it snows again! we made some headway on the house today though. we can actually see the floor for the first time in at least a week. hopefully we can stay well until spring makes an appearance!!

Anonymous said...

Ive rather enjoyed the sick time strangely... maybe I thrive on stress more than I thought.


Bruce said...

only three weeks of negleted house work, come now you have to remember that some of us have been to your house:):)HA! HA!

Bruce said...

i will say though, in your and every one elses defince, it has been a rough wenter for illnesses. you have all read renae blog, so you know what life at our house has been. so hears to sping being close. and day light savings time. its not dark at 4:00 any more.

Rianne said...

Great work.