Thursday, January 24, 2008

Late Night Ramblings

So we have some friends who are moving to where we live from our home town. This is nice. John is better friends with the husband of the couple, and I am good buddies with his sisters, but his wife is super nice too, and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better. I'm glad they are moving here.
The pipes in our bathroom froze again. This makes the third time in the last month. It's becoming quite annoying, but we are going to insulate the heck out of them in the next couple of days. Our floor too, with the insulation, and so that will be nice as well. We won't be losing all our heat down to the basement, and I'm hoping a fringe benefit will be the floor won't be as cold.
Also, we can get a tax return on that for next year.
Jonni and Erik haven't been sick in almost two weeks. Another thing that makes me happy.
My husband and I are getting along really well.
My sister and one of my sister-in-laws are having babies. One girl and one boy, respectively. I am not. Yet another reason for rejoicing.
I joined a choir that is not church affiliated. It's loads and loads of fun to really sink my teeth into some music that is challenging. I'll be selling tickets to our concert on May fourth soon. (a shameless plug) I require everyone who really loves me to go. If you don't go...well. At least I'll know how you really feel about me.
I got home from Enrichment night at church awhile ago, and people were nice to me. That hasn't happened in awhile (not that anyone is mean, I've just sort of felt like the invisible woman lately), and it also makes me happy.
So what is the point of my post? Nothing really. My husband is decompressing, and I needed someone to ramble too. It's a good thing I have all of you cyber people. You make me happy too.
Here's to a good night,
The Almighty Liz


Renae said...

Ach, I'm slightly jealous about the choir thing. I've really wanted to do just that thing for a long time. However, I just don't feel like I can leave my munchkins for a couple of evenings a week yet. The homework would never get done! I know, I'm a bit of a control freak, but before and after school are the only times of day when I have important work to do, and I feel worth while.
I am however starting piano lessons again soon! Yay! I've got a new piano student who will pay my bill for me. I'll teach her once a week, and I'll take a lesson once or a twice a month.

timpani76 said...

You're having a concert on your Wedding Anniversary? Funny. We will try and be there, no matter how much we hate you!

lizS said...

it's only once a week rehearsals renae. john doesn't like it, but i'm thinking, dude. once a week. we can handle that! it's tuesday too, so family night is untouched. a couple of nights, no way, but one i'm totally down with. tickets are $7 for adults everybody, the concert starts at 3:00pm, and i think i'm gonna hire a couple or three or four depending on the amount of children to babysit at my house whilst we go enjoy our adult entertainment. that came out wrong! you know what i meant!!! minds out of the gutter please!!

Anonymous said...

you have an inflatable husband?