Thursday, January 3, 2008

Holiday Overview

Well, howdy folks. I hope everyone out there in cyberland had a good Christmas and New Year. We had a very mixed holiday ourselves. For example, here would be a great place to post some pictures of the frenzy that was Christmas morning, but, although we remembered to bring our dandy bran-spankin'-new camera, we forgot to actually take any pictures. Well, we got one. Here it is:
That's my lovely husband. That shot was totally accidental, not at all posed, I promise. We were just goofing off that morning before church. That was, sadly, the only shot we got the entire week we were there. Christmas morning, though, was a big hit. I don't think Jonni has ever been this excited. I think this is the first year she got the whole Santa bit. Erik and his cousin Justice were absolutely hilarious. They would open each gift, and then want whatever their cousin opened! We also had the luxury this year of staying the whole vacation in our home town in my best friend's three bedroom apartment whilst her and her family went South for the holiday. Veeeeery nice indeed. We were having a great visit, when we started falling victim, one by one, to that most evil of holiday and vacation wreckers, the flu. Not just one flu though, two totally different kinds; Stomach and it's nasty twin Sinus&Chest. Jonni was first, followed quickly by Erik and I, and by the time we left for home last Saturday, we had all got one or both. John recovered fairly quickly, as is his annoying habit, but the rest of us are still fighting off the symptoms. Getting there though, definitely improving, but we spent New Year's totally miserable. I did at least. So, ringing in the Year, I have sworn off resolutions, because I realized I couldn't remember last year's, but instead have just decided to try to be a better person. Taking our Prophet's advice to be just a little kinder, more neighborly, attentive and so forth. I hope every one's Christmas was filled with love, joy, and awe for our Savior, and every one's New Year was illness free!!


lizS said...

testing, testing, 123...testing...

Anonymous said...

Great picture of my seriously junked-up house there, Liz. Thanks.