Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Current Projects of Mine

So, as I said in my last post, I've been really busy. However, it's the good kind of busy, because a lot of it is stuff I WANT to do, as opposed to the stuff I HAVE to do. Anyway, since I know how vastly interested you all are in everything Liz, I thought I'd post about some of it. Enjoy!
This is not a project. This is my cat, Cloud. I just thought she was being extremely adorable here, and wanted to spread the cuteness.
This is face lotion that I made myself. I'm enormously proud of this, as I've been researching and testing out each individual ingredient for about six months now. I have skin with a lot of different needs and problems, and I'm just sick of having to put up with stuff that almost works but has that ONE ingredient that makes my face explode in one way or another. Having had enough, I finally made up my mind to just make my own! And I did, so ha! It works really great so far too. It needs a titch of tweaking, and there's definitely a learning curve to making lotions, but I think I've got a really good handle on it now, and if anyone wants to know more, comment about it, and I'll go on for weeks. It's way fun to do!

This is part of my walkway. I really should have gotten before pictures, but this has been such a humongous thorn in my side for so long, that as soon as I was feeling better, half of it was ripped out before I came to my senses. It's not done yet, but I'm pretty proud of how it looks, so I thought I'd post a teaser. John came up with the design, and he's helped a bit with it too. ;)
I'll definitely post pics of all of it when it's totally done, so you can get the full impact of it's gorgeousness.
This is an early birthday present from John. Yeah, I know, my birthday isn't until the end of June, but we were at the store, and I was looking longingly at the comfy computer chairs that I've coveted for years and years, and he just broke down and told me he was getting me one for my birthday, but if I wanted, I could have it early. Um, YES!! And even cooler, I got to put it together myself. No sarcasm there, I really enjoy stuff like that. Like one big puzzle, love it!
So that's a bit of what I've been up to. I'm feeling really great, life is settling down, and I just hope that this time it lasts more than a couple of weeks, lol!
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

I love the paving stones, they look so good! I will have to get you and John to tell me how to design something like that.

I love putting stuff together, it feels great. That chair does look comfy. We have always managed to snag hand me down computer chairs that are so comfy. I don't know how people stand sitting in a regular chair while on the computer!

And, yes, I would like to know how to make lotion! Every lotion I try for my face gives me acne!

lizS said...

i wrote out a big ole long comment, and it was too big. blogger wouldn't let me do it, so i emailed you. if anyone else has any interest, maybe i'll just do a whole blog post on the subject. ;)

Dana Cheryl said...

I vote for posting about the lotion. It's really interesting!

I love your projects!!! And your cat!

lizS said...

okay dana, i will! stayed tuned timpani, this will have a lot more information in it. i'll incorporate what i've learned about skin care too, so if someone else wants to make their own, they will have a better idea of what to put in it. :D

Renae said...

the stones are beautiful!

Smiling said...

I love what you are doing with your walkway!

lizS said...

thanks guys! i'm pretty proud of how it's turning out!

Eyepoke said...

I used MS excel as sort of a cad system to lay out the stones. I zoomed wayy out andset the horizontal and vertical rows to be roughly equal sizes. Then decided two inches per square was the scale and started merging blocks of tile. Very Clever of me.

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