Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jonni's Seven Years Old!!

I can't even wrap my head around this! Next year she'll be getting baptized!! Totally crazy.
I didn't take a single pic. I've actually been not taking pictures on purpose for events like this. Notice the lack of pics for Christmas as well. While I like having the pictures to remember things, I also hate missing out on the things to get the pictures.
Anyway, she had a good time. We opened presents when John got home, the went to her favorite place to eat, Stake 'n' Shake, then came home and had cupcakes. (I was going to make a cake, I got the stuff and everything, but was totally gun shy and didn't do it, after all) She mainly got her way on almost everything the whole day, and I think this was one of her favorite parts, lol!! Good times. My little girl's getting so big!
The Almighty Liz


pie-seas79 said...

i never knew I could feel so old until I had kids that were doing things that I remember doing like it was yesterday. Tristan will be 10 this year and I know right after that he will start hating me and move out of the house. Just great. And I will be the old lady that has no say.....oi vey!

lizS said...

i know, right? i am SO not looking forward to a teenage jonni. i was horrible!!

timpani76 said...

Jonni can't be 7? What? Who lets these kids grow up?

Well, I was a pretty spectacular teenager, and only got mean as an adult. My kids should be GREAT teenagers if kharma works right!

timpani76 said...

Happy Birthday to Jonni from Big E!

Renae said...

yeah, time kills me! Happy B-day Jonni!

Dana Cheryl said...

No way you have a 7 year old?! Wow!