Monday, February 22, 2010

I Got Love Spammed

So, as per an enthusiastic request, here's a new post.
I haven't been posting as much because I'm mad. I'm mad at everything. I'm mad at my kids, my husband, the stupid superfluous house (the most there I think), my idiotic renters, the fact that my house doesn't stay clean and I don't have the energy to keep up with it yet, that I really want to cook but I can't manage it yet for more than a few times a week at most, that I get sick every time I turn around, that after I worked uber hard last year to get to a good weight and be healthy, I got entirely set back and gained twenty pounds so now in addition to trying to get healthy, I have to fight my "little green monster" every stinking day, I have to avoid family and friends whenever any one's sick so I miss out on a lot, I haven't been to church since the new year because it's in the morning and I can't get up yet that early, Erik is freaking four and a half and isn't/won't get potty trained so I have to clean a poopy mess up every day, but most of all, I think, is that I just want things to quit coming at me from all sides. (see post from last week, and then add some stuff I'm not at liberty to name)
So, now that I have that out of my system, let's count some blessings, yes? Okay.
1. I have a supreme husband that puts up with not just all my health issues, but the mental and behavioral fall-out that accompanies them. He's still here. I can't believe it.
2. My kids are smart, good looking, and hilarious.
3. My cat likes me the best of everyone.
4. My extended family loves me, and helps to take care of me as much as they can.
5. I have the best friends on the planet.
6. I have a Mary.
7. I live in a stellar ward.
8. The town I live in is the friendliest place I've ever lived.
9. My husband has a fantastic job that is rock-solid.
10. We have enough of everything material, and sometimes a little extra.
11. I am still among the living.
12. I have my religion, which I think is the best.
13. I have an eternal family. (as long as I can keep my act together)
14. I have seriously awesome doctors.
Okay, that's all I can think of for now, without going into being thankful for grass and things like that. (which I am also, those are just givens) So, what are YOU thankful for? Post a comment!
The Almighty Liz


craftyashley said...

We can be mad together. Grrrr.

lizS said...

yeah, you betcha ashley. grrr back. ;)

Dana Cheryl said...

GRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Just joining in outta solidarity... Grrrrrrrr! :)

I'm thankful that my friend, Liz, posted on her blog.

I'm thankful for the uber personal relationship I have with the Savior.

I'm thankful that I can talk Heavenly Father's ear off & He still wants to listen to more.

I'm thankful for my health, friends, dogs, cat, assorted other critters, trees, grass and stuff like that... :)

Love you! Thx for posting!!

Renae said...

I'm sorry you are having a rough time! () cyber hug!

You do have some great things to be thankful for! (ONE HECK OF A SIL?!! I mean COME ON! ;)

I have such a great life! So many blessings that when I think about it, I wonder how come I've got it so good. And yet, I find myself grumbling all the time about the little things. A good smack might just do wonders for me.

lizS said...

great list dana! i need to do this exercise more reguarly. i had a much better day yesterday!

renae, i talked to mary yesterday, just more venting, and i mentioned something like i know i have it so much better than most people, and i know that i'm uber blessed, but i'm just so mad right now! and she said sometimes knowing that you have it better doesn't help. sometimes you just need to be mad. i think she's right. as long as you don't dwell on it, the occasional rampage and pity party is not a bad thing. we are human after all, and bottling isn't healthy. but, conversely, nurishing bad feelings isn't good either. some sort of balance is the ticket, i think. and i'm sure that once i get my equilibrium back, i will appreciate things so much more!
okay, end of soliliquy, lol!

timpani76 said...

I'm thankful I stopped throwing up :P I have had the stomach flu since yesterday morning. I'm still tired beyond all belief, but at least I can nibble on some toast and crackers, and count my blessings.

For some reason, reading "Little Women" always makes me feel more thankful for what I have. I'm reading that again right now.

Dana Cheryl said...

Glad ya had a better day Liz!!!

That's so interesting Timpani! Why do you think that's your reaction to reading that book?

Mary said...

AAAAAAH!! I have a whole number all to myself! (And I'm only just finding out?! I don't deserve you.) Yay! *singing* I'm speeeecial! I'm speeeeecial!

Now. I'm sorry that you're mad. You have a right to be angry about the way a lot of things are going now. But it's also very smart of you to remember the good things you have, and I am honored to get to be one of those things - since you're so insanely awesome! Love you.

Mary said...

I was just reading the comments here, and I would like to say that that Mary seems like an awfully wise person. You are blessed to know someone that amazing.