Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ah, $#@^&!!!

So, I have red bell pepper plants in pots on my front porch. They are very fruitful with several peppers to each plant. Unfortunately, this makes them top heavy. I have already staked them both so they don't fall over, but one of them is persisting. So I decided to stake it again, from a different side. This required a stick. I have many in my backyard. I went in search, but didn't get very far because somewhere in stepping off the four inches or so from my back porch to the turf there was a disconnect in my body, and I stepped completely wrong, resulting in an ankle that twisted in at least two different directions and made all kinds of fun popping and cracking noises. Fortunately, I was on the phone with my best friend, Mary, so all I had to do was drag my bones to the phone and call John to come rescue me, instead of yelling myself bloody hoping the kids inside the house hear me sometime in the next 100 years or so. After a trip a Urgent care clinic (our third in three weeks, once for Erik's staples, once to get them removed, and now this--they are going to totally know us by site before we're done, I'm sure), it has been determined that it is more than likely not broken, although it is being sent to a special X-ray person to make 100% sure, but it is very nastily sprained at the very least. It might also have some tearing of tendons and ligaments going on, but we will determine that with a foot doctor in a week if I'm not much better by then.
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Call in those visiting teachers to help you out! I heard sprained ankles can get re-sprained really easily if you try to get up on them too quickly ;)

Oooh, I bet you'll have some really pretty bruises too. Take pics! When Danielle sprained her ankle she was bruised halfway up her calf and down to her toes.

lizS said...

lol! it hurts like the very devil, and to me, it's really colorful, but here's the thing; i don't bruise easy at all. it really hard to get anything to show at all, so after i wrote this post, john was like, 'you aren't pretty colors!!' so, like i said, to me it's all kinds of bruised, but to everyone else, there's hardly anything there. i don't think it would show in a pic, unfortunetly. *sigh* but it really hurts, i promise!!

Dana Cheryl said...

Yuck! Liz I'm so sorry. A sprained ankle makes life so frustrating!! And sometimes the ones that don't bruise much are the worst. One I fell down two flights of stairs & broke several bones & destroyed most of the soft tissue in my right foot & ankle with nary a bruise...

Bless your heart. If I lived closer I'd come by everyday and wash your dishes! :)