Friday, October 17, 2008

Seriously Awesome Week

Have I said how much I love our new area yet? Because, man, do I LOVE our new town!
I have gotten to do all these things just this week;
Had a super good weekend to myself (see prior post).
Got to have a girls' night out with a neighbor. (we went to a really good restaurant where her husband works, although he was off that night watching their kids, and we got our extremely tasty-but expensive-meal for FREE.)
Had one set of John's aunts and uncles over for dinner. (Reid and Marsha-we laughed all night long)
Had one of my new friends from church volunteer to scrub my floors for me, since after all the other house work I did this week, I just couldn't muster the energy. We also went to story time at the library, and our kids played most of the day together, and had a blast. (thanks Elise! The floors look stellar, and you are the alltime BEST!)
John got a RAISE. (just the yearly one that everyone gets, and not huge or anything, but still ultra cool)
Jonni has her first loose tooth.
And we still have a Halloween party for all our nieces and nephews (biological and honorary) tomorrow to look forward to!
Seriously, I just don't think life gets any better! Anything better than this is just bonus at this point, for real. (not that I will turn down bonuses. That would make me a loser, and I think everyone agrees that I'm as far from a loser as you can get)
The Almighty Liz


craftyashley said...

I'm so glad to hear it. It's so nice to be near family! (hint, hint... move out here!)

lizS said...

hey sister, the road goes both ways, lol!

timpani76 said...

I'm just jealous you get Reid & Marsha as Uncle & Aunt.

Renae said...

Yes, Marsha and Reid are the best! I want to be Marsha someday.

Anonymous said...

oh! oh! i forgot to add that we paid off the car this week too!

Eyepoke said...


Most people think you pretty much ARE Marsha already.

The Marinator said...

Just got round to making the blog rounds this week. I can't believe our kids are losing their first tooth at the same time. I thought that maybe Daniel's tooth was lose about 3 days ago, but it was still pretty tight. Today we confirmed it's DEFINITELY loose! Who wants to take bets on who loses their tooth first?

Anyway, I'm glad that you're happy. It sounds like the people you live around are really great, and you deserve that kind of support. Especially right now when you're trying to get better. BTW, how many times have you actually been able to make it to church since you moved? And you're still making church friends. Awesome. Yay for you! Ooh! I just read about the car! DOUBLE YAY!

Dana Cheryl said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for posting so we can all be happy with you. Yeah Reid & Marsha are so dang funny. Oh and Renae I agree with J you kinda are your Aunt Marsha. :)